Why has Windows 10 slowed my computer so much?

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    Don't think you've said which GeForce graphics you have. On my Win 10 system I'm running with a Geforce GT430 card, the driver is provided by Nvidia, version, dated 07/08/2015. Working fine.

    As far as I recall it was installed automatically, I don't have the installation file(s) in my Installs folder.

    I'd certainly be looking at finding the latest driver for your graphics card.
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    I'm trying to do that on the page you directed me to. It keeps telling me Java is required. I installed Java and it's still telling me Java is required.

    I just went into the GeForce forum and asked why I keep getting the message that Java is required when I've already installed it.
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    For science, I'm really curious to know if your Windows was indeed fully updated? I'm happy to hear you found something that at least alleviates your problems.

    Abandon the Nvidia Geforce quest until you finish reading my post. You don't have a nvidia, if your laptop is the Toshiba.

    I'm going to assume we're talking about your Toshiba laptop that you have in your Profile on this site. If this is the case, your laptop does not have a geforce graphic card, but Intel HD Graphics 4000. That does not change the problem though - you have no drivers for your graphic card, and by extention it seems reasonable to assume more missing drivers, and the chance is about 95% that this is the cause of your sluggish computer.

    A driver is a piece of software that makes your hardware run correctly. Without drivers or without the correct ones, your hardware is either not working or it's working at 20% efficiency. In your graphic cards case, this is why your display looks so big and the images stretchy: your pc does not know how to handle your graphics because the drivers are missing. The resolution this particular laptop should be running is 1600x900, instead, you're messing around with 1024x768 simply because your computer does not know how to handle the graphics without the driver. Now imagine what effects drivers missing for other parts of your computer would have, and it's easy to understand how your computer is getting bogged down. I hope with this you understand better the importance of ensuring you have the latest, correct drivers. Before trying any other fix, whenever there are computer issues, it is important to always check the drivers. They're often the culprit.

    Thankfully companies like Toshiba try to make your life easy when it comes to updating drivers of your laptop. I have had pretty bad experiences in this department, but hopefully you'll have more luck. Unfortunately I cannot try and/or test it for you (as I have no Toshiba), but according to some googles, on your computer should be Toshiba specific software called Toshiba Service Station. This software is supposedly used to easily update the drivers of your Toshiba Satellite P875-S7200. If you cannot find this on your computer, see this page for drivers for your laptop: Satellite P875-S7200 Support | Toshiba Click Drivers and Updates and you will see a list of software. What you want here is the Toshiba Service Station and, if I were you, I'd also install the two Intel links. While normally nothing goes wrong while installing drivers - honestly, it is a very easy process - it is always wise to make a new System Restore Point and/or some backups before, just in case. I never had any issue updating any drivers in the past 20 years that I've been messing around with computers, yet I still always make backup and restore points. Please note that this link is only good for the Toshiba Satellite P875-S7200.

    Alternatively, if this Toshiba software is inadequate, as I fully expect it to be (never call me a pessimist!), you can install drivers for your graphic card that is in this Toshiba here: Download Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 10 and Windows 7*/8.1* [15.33]

    At least that should fix your resolution to be less headache-inducing, if nothing else. You can also try this, seeing as your laptop has a lot of Intel stuff:

    Drivers & Software and click the Automatically Detect button.

    If the problem is occuring on a different computer, tell me what the specs are or what computer model it is, and I will try to find out what you would need for that.

    If you are unhappy with Windows 10 and your issues are not getting resolved, you can always revert back to Windows 7. There's an option for this in Windows 10 - as long as it is within the first 2 months of you upgrading to Windows 10, reverting is possible. If your hardware has no support for Windows 10 (it should though) or if you'r simply sick and tired of it, this could be an option (as it was for me).

    In short, not wanting to sound rude, but your IT guy messed up. If he really had checked your computer it would have been painfully obvious that some things are missing. Sorry for the long post but I really want to help you!
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    If the problem is occuring on a different computer, tell me what the specs are or what computer model it is, and I will try to find out what you would need for that./QUOTE]

    Between two computers and trying to sort through the problems, I apparently got confused. The laptop I started this thread about came out of its startup problem. The last time I had it on it was running fine. I can see I got mixed up and started inserting information about my Dell desktop in this thread. I didn't realize that until this post of yours. I apologize to you and anyone else who's been trying to help me and I will be more careful in the future.

    This desktop originally came with a Vista OS. I did a clean install of Windows 7 Home 32 bit in April. It was running very fast and beautifully. I decided to go with the 10 upgrade offered to me by Microsoft because they included a compatibility report stating that it was Windows 10 ready and compatible. I've read recently that those compatibility reports can't always be depended on. Now that I've upgraded, I would prefer to stay with Win 10 for a number of reasons.

    Immediately after upgrade, the performance was not that bad as far as being slow, howerver, I was having some display problems; everything appeared too large and text was blurry, broken. Everyone insisted that it was a driver problem. This Dell previously had a Nvidia GeForce 7300 LE display adapter. After upgrade I had a Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. I was told that Nvidia does not make the GeForce for anything above Windows 7. I did go to Device Manager and click on the update option and the response was that this was the best adapter for my system. I went to Nvidia and the person who answered my post said that I should never have upgraded to Windows 10 on this old computer. What can I say? I trusted what Microsoft told me.

    In becoming more aware of how blurry and broken my fonts were looking, instead of Googling "display problems," I Googled "blurry text" and found a solution right on this forum. It is a little program called Windows 10_DPI_FIX.exe. As soon as I installed that and rebooted my displays and fonts went back to looking normal.

    But in the interim, my startup/shutdown times became very slow, and response time just using the computer also became slow and jerky. My CPU usage is running very high. It's all over the place, but it's from high to VERY high. In Googling this I read that high CPU usage can be many things, or a combination, and can be difficult to track down.

    So that's where things stand right now. I just clicked on my performance monitor and it was at 40%. When I look at the process tab Chrome definitely takes a big hunk, and another thing called Microsoft Windows Search Index is usually quite high. When I first opened this browser I clicked on my Task Manager to check and my CPU usage was 90%.

    Information on this computer: Dell XPS 410 (Dimension) IntelR Core(TM)2 CPU 6320 @ 1.86 GHz
    4 GB RAM (3 GB usable) and I don't know what that means
    It's showing 32 bit operating system, x64-based processor
    I have a 300 GB Hard Drive with 222 GB of that free
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    no worries about the confusion on your pcs. I'll get back to you later, visiters coming soon. Just letting you know I did not abandon you.

    On a sidenote, did you check the windows update? because that should automatically install everything you need. Nvidia of course does support windows 10, but from my initial lookup it seems your particular card may not be supported for Windows 10. I'll get back to you with details
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    no worries about the confusion on your pcs.

    I have bad news for you. While Nvidia does support Windows 10, your particular card is not equipped to deal with the new software that Windows 10 is using. For this reason, Nvidia cannot bring out drivers for Windows 10 for your card. Your card, in short, is too old for Windows 10. Trust me, I feel your pain, I had the exact same thing happen to me (even though the update was offered to me too - I guess it would be an enormous task for Microsoft to exclude the many older hardware that would be unable to run Windows 10 optimally).

    There is a workaround for your card - however, it is not the easiest thing to do, it is timeconsuming and the display will, although better, still not be what you were used to, and I doubt it will fix the sluggish issues you're having with your pc. Your PC was released about 8-10 years ago, if my Google is correct, and your hardware, while not the worst I've seen, simply seems to be unable to handle Windows 10's more modern environment. The drivers I have been able to find on the Dell site (Product Support | Dell US) are from 2008, so it is highly unlikely that even if you install the newest ones available, that it will fix anything as they are still 8 years old.

    If you really insist on trying to fix it, I would recommend installing whatever Dell tells you to install on that site. Like I said, There IS a workaround for your graphic issues (that I would personally never be OK with dealing with), but again, your Dell PC will simply never run optimally with Windows 10. As a result, I suggest you revert back to Windows 7 and maybe on the longer term invest in a newer model. I'm truly sorry I could not be of better help.
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    You have been a great help and I very much appreciate it.

    I'm wondering about something. When upgrading to this Windows 10, it changed my display adapter to that Microsoft Basic. If I go back to Windows 7, will I get my old GeForce display adapter back?

    If I go back to Windows 7, will my Windows Live Mail accounts still sync like they do now?

    I gotta' tell you that in view of what you have told me here, this old computer isn't running that badly ... all things considered.

    It ran like a new computer when I had Windows 7 on it and it kinda' scares me that if I roll back now, that will have been messed up through this process. I'm thinking it might be better to leave well enough alone for now. I've always got my laptop if i want something that's faster. I'm talking to myself here, trying to decide what to do.

    Complain though I may about its performance since Windows 10, this is too good a computer to discard.
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