just refreshed win 10 pro 64 after boot speeds getting very poor as was performance, on a refresh with all drivers cleanly installed and some needed programs boot is still pits, 67.156, windows boot 17, desktop 50. my specs are:
win 10 pro 64
i7 4770K - CRYORIG R1 cooler
MSI Z97-GD65 GAMING mobo
16GHz Kingston HyperX 2400MHz 2x8
samsund 830 120gb ssd
samsung 850 evo 500gb ssd
msi gtx 1080 gaming
psu seasonic 1000w platinum

just before i refreshed i ran my win 7 home premium 64 image i made before win 10 move, 17 seconds to desktop, only difference is the gtx 1080 which was a 970, performance seems way better in win 7 also.
i ran win 10 backup image again then refreshed, so dissapointingly slow.
all help well appreciated