Hi there,

I've just joined this forum (I was a member of the Win8 forum) and don't know if this question has arisen before.

I have a number of links (shortcuts) to our 2 NAS devices in various folders on my PC. These NAS devices go to standby to conserve power after about 30sec of non-use. Whenever I drag a file across these links en route to somewhere else, I have to wait until the drive(s) power up before I can complete the drag operation. Rather than turn off the NASs' power conservation, is there a way of having these links require at least 0.5 sec before activating? (Currently they seem to be almost instantaneous.)

Yes, I know I could look for an alternative route to drag my file that misses these links, but when I am focused on the destination as a step in a multi-step action, I just don't see those links sitting there in my path.

Any advice would be helpful, so thanks in advance,