Windows 10: Random system freezes for weeks Solved

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  1. axe0's Avatar
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       28 Jun 2016 #1

    Random system freezes for weeks

    Since some time now I am getting system freezes where the only option is a hard reset of the system.
    It happens very randomly,
    • in office 365,
    • gaming,
    • watching movies,
    • browsing the internet,
    • etc.

    When it happens the sound stops with the mouse & keyboard, I literally cannot do anything when it happens.

    I am currently on my 2nd recent clean installation, though in the first I rushed through installing software because I forgot that I shouldn't do that.

    What has been done:

    • I've booted in safe mode today while away at school, when I returned I could easily do anything making me believe this problem is not a hardware problem,
    • Driver verifier seemed to make things more stable, at least it looked like that, and did not catch anything for as long as I could've let it run (which isn't really long),
    • There is no overheating, the temperatures don't reach 40C,
    • I've removed the secondary HDD, I read that this could cause problems, unfortunately it had no effect,
    • The cables have been reseated and reconnected,
    • The memory has been reseated and moved to different slots, diagnostics tests do not show problems,
    • Malware/virus scans do not reveal any problem,
    • All drivers have been reinstalled, currently I am using some Windows Update drivers,
    • SSD firmware was up to date shipped,
    • Chkdsk, SeaTools and HDTune do not show any sign of problems,
    • Fast startup I do not use,
    • Security programs, BitDefender & Malwarebytes, have been removed but did not change anything
    • Steam had been removed, I saw event logs of Malwarebytes & Steam having some problems, had also no effect,
    • DISM & SFC return no errors,
    • Event logs & msinfo32 do not give any useful data
    • CPU has been tested with the Intel Processor Diagnostics Tool, no problems,
    • Resetted the BIOS to optimal default settings, not that it changed anything but just in case.

    There are likely things I did but not added to the list, it are just so many things.

    Unfortunately I cannot give more details about the problem, there is no single sign of what it possibly could be causing this problem and it has happened in very many moments.

    I could not catch the CPU, memory & Disk activity in the task manager, that is about to change currently.

    At the moment I do not have any software installed, I have only removed programs from the app store that I could remove.

    Does anyone have suggestions for me that I could try to get rid of these annoying freezes?
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  2. philc43's Avatar
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       28 Jun 2016 #2

    Hello :)

    Sorry you having these problems. Not sure I can provide any help for you since you know far more than most people on how to fix these issues. I did notice that Gigabyte have just released some new drivers for the Intel LAN and AHCI and Rapid Storage technology on 23 June 2016. I wonder if they have fixed any bugs that might be causing your system to freeze.
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  3. axe0's Avatar
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       28 Jun 2016 #3

    Hi Philc43,

    Thank you for your reply.

    It is my usual thing to regularly check for driver & BIOS updates, the updates have been released on the 23th and I have noticed them around 2 days ago. Unfortunately whatever changes it did not help
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  4.    28 Jun 2016 #4

    Which CPU do you have...sounds like AMD...4C temerpature? If it is an FX chip it could be coreparking.
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  5. axe0's Avatar
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       28 Jun 2016 #5

    Intel I5-6500 CPU, you can find such information in 'My System Specs' on the left side of the bottom of each post :)
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  6.    28 Jun 2016 #6

    Okay I was having a problem like this as well sometime back. For me it was a combo of C6 powerstate and Cool n Quite.. AMD (for Intel it is Speed Step). I had to disable one of the two in the bios. It was effected by coreparking and unparking. It may help, not sure, worth a try.
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  7. axe0's Avatar
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       28 Jun 2016 #7

    An update, currently I have only installed
    Software that was installed with the drivers, it is impossible to only install the drivers,

    For drivers there are some of Windows Update,
    the Intel graphics driver
    either of the Intel chipset drivers

    The audio, lan and other Intel chipset drivers are from Gigabyte.

    It has been a few hours since the clean installation and I did not have any freezes yet, normally a freeze would have appeared within a few hours, though I would not call this safe yet. For tomorrow I'm planning on waiting 2-3 hours after school before I go install 2-3 other programs of specific choice based on usage of memory and CPU, I have kept an eye on these usages the past few weeks. I'll update this thread to let others know what programs I install and how it turns out.
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       30 Jun 2016 #8

    An update, yesterday I installed Google Chrome, Office 365 & software for my headset. A system freeze had occured some time later so I removed Office 365 because it was the last installed software.

    Today I have not yet had any problem, I am careful in how many programs I am running to keep the memory usage low. I'm thinking there may be a memory issue with a program, but I cannot confirm it nor say what program may be an issue.
    I have also checked the 3.3v, 5v and 12v values again and as expected they are good.
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  9.    30 Jun 2016 #9

    What does your "Reliability History" show,any red flags?My freezes were caused by the display adapter timing out and were only solved by installing drivers using "custom" and "clean install" methods,eliminating the bloat.
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  10. axe0's Avatar
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       01 Jul 2016 #10

    Reliability History does not show anything useful, it only shows that I've forced a shutdown.

    Today, I installed a few programs, had a few freezes, also when idle for a short time. Just performed an in-place upgrade to see if that might help.
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