Unstable system

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    simrick said:
    Secure Boot/Fast Boot are different - they are in your BIOS settings. Fast Startup is in the Operating System itself.
    Right you are
    I might have posted in the wrong thread ... thinking this was an install issue ... my apologies.

    I do agree that Fast Startup is better turned off to test a system. No worries about stuff being saved to / restored from the hibernation file.
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    Slartybart said:
    Right you are
    I might have posted in the wrong thread ... thinking this was an install issue ... my apologies.

    I do agree that Fast Startup is better turned off to test a system. No worries about stuff being saved to / restored from the hibernation file.
    Yes, I think it was Sven who was confusing the fast boot with fast startup. :)
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    I don't think my post helped though :)

    Hey ... has anybody seen jayv2251, the Thread Starter?
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    Slartybart thanks for the concern. I had a different battle going on today dealing with doctors and insurance companies. Took most of my day up. I'd like to add to my initial post. I had thought it might be an issue with IE11. So I've begun the transition to using Edge, although I have also installed Firefox as well. In between phone calls and such, I was "doing Facebook". Didn't cash once, although I could see that I would briefly get a "Facebook.com is not responding" error, but it was rather short lived.

    A note about fast boot in the bios settings. Reading what it does and what it does and does not load, I'm not sure if I can set that to disabled right now. My keyboard doesn't work, using a usb keyboard and mouse to operate laptop. I'll discuss that more in the hardware forum.

    Few other things I forgot to mention in my first post. A few times just prior to crashing I would get a "memory full" message. So I thought I was over loading my system and shut down any extra Windows/Apps I might have open at the time. And while I don't use the laptop as a gaming platform, I do have one game I play on Steam called "Hearts of Iron III". This isn't a FPS game that doesn't require a high frame rate or such. But I did have the Radeon video card crash and that shut my system down too.

    I am already running ccleaner. I would like to run that Windows 10 program that monitors system stability if anyone can tell me how to reload that. It's getting late for me today, so I wish to go over the first few posts, so I can get that ISO downloaded and burnt off. I do have a question about that though. It's about the key. I know I've the digital code floating around here someplace in my notebook, but I'd still like to have the key for Win8.1. Will that also work on my Office 2013 though? I know that Office 2016 just came out, and I'm going to see if Vocational Rehab will pay for an upgrade and training for me. I REALLY wish to become MOS certified so it's VERY important that I get this computer stable and keep it that way! At least until I can afford to replace it! Until I have the ISO done and I haven't had a crash for a week, then I'll close this thread.

    As you'd guess I'm not working right now due to an injury. Budget is...well there really isn't a budget with no money. What other free tools can I use to maintain and monitor my system?
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    jayv2251, battles with doctors and insurance - what a fun day.

    Ok, a few things I need to know.

    What is the machine's bit-depth (32-bit / x86 OR 64-bit / amd64),
    what edition are you entitled to (Home or Pro), and
    what firmware boots your machine (BIOS or UEFI)

    All of that can be found when you launch System Information
    WinKey+R [ msinfo32 ]

    These are the items in System Information
    [System Summary]
    Item Value
    OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
    System Type x64-based PC
    BIOS Mode Legacy

    You can download the appropriate ISO for you system from Techbench
    Scroll down to Windows 10 ISO Downloads
    You only need the bit depth that matches your machine -ignore the sentence that says
    Make sure to download both 32-bit and 64-bit images and the languages you'll need for your retail location
    Unstable system-tbiso-b.png

    Edition: Windows 10 ??
    - this is the most common in the States
    [ Confirm ]

    Language: English ??
    - probably your language
    [ Confirm ]

    Press the correct bit depth to start the download
    - this is what I can't guess
    [ 32-bit Download ]
    [ 64-bit Download ]

    Burn the ISO to disc or copy the contents to an empty USB thumbdrive
    Open Disk Manager, select the USB thumbdrive, right click and set active.

    Read over this tutorial and ask any questions.
    Windows 10 - Clean Install - Windows 10 Forums

    A few pointers:

    You want to install to a completely unallocated drive

    You don't enter any key when prompted
    - press skip or next
    The next time you connect to the Internet, Windows checks for a Digital License that matches your machine and will activate Win10

    Disconnect any external devices, you'll connect them after the install

    Let Windows Update provide drivers
    - you only have to hunt down a driver if Device Manager flags the device

    The tutorial has more ...
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    Windows 10 home
    x64 based pc
    AMD A-5000 processor
    Bios ver. 1.5 rel. 1/27/2014 (need to double check that, one thing I do like about this computer is Toshiba has a rather good utility to keep drivers and the bios up to date.)

    Well, so far 24 hours no crashes, and I was having IE crash several times a day with perhaps 1 total computer crash/shutdown a day per the Reliability log (Yes I found that on my own)
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    BIOS Mode? Not the version

    Create a System Image just in case.

    Store the image on an external drive - a Clean install requires a clean drive (no partitions, only unallocated space)

    Then when you're ready, refer to post# 15.
    Thoroughly read the tutorial - everything to make your install successful is in it.

    Techbench download

    Edition: Windows 10
    Language: English
    Press the [ 64-bit Download ] button to start the download

    One final note: Don't install any tweakers, boosters, fixers - 3rd party software that claims to help Windows.
    Windows 10 is very good at self healing - those so-called fixer software packages often lead to trouble.

    There are a few that can be trusted - cCleaner is one.
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    Okay, I had the bios mode written down, just forgot to post it. It's in UEFI mode. A bit more about my clean install. Taking advice from all those that have posted in this thread, I have made the switch from IE to Edge. Since I've done that my system has not locked up or crashed. There are only two warnings listed, "Windows Shell Experience Host" stopped working. I clicked on the "check for solution" and it couldn't find one.

    Back to the clean install. So long as I'm not crashing, I'm not going to do it right away. I still want to create an ISO, for "just in case" situation. I don't have any thumb drives that are large enough to do an install. I do have plenty blank dvd's so I'm gonna read up on putting the ISO on that media. To do so I'll be using MS Edge to follow various links to do so. Since switching, I am pleased as I said before that I haven't crashed since the 26th. I don't know if it's just me getting use to a different web browser, or if it's a reliability issue or not. Just like IE11 occasionally still see a "Facebook not responding" error. At other times while either searching something via Bing or Google, and I'll get the same error. It doesn't last as long, but still is a concern of mine. Still other times when I click on a link while searching, checking email or reading Facebook. Nothing happens for a minute or so before the link appears.
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    For the Windows Shell Experience Host error, you might try running sfc /scannow from an administrative command prompt. You want the result: No integrity violations found. If it finds and fixes problems, or finds but couldn't fix problems, reboot and run it again, as many as 3 times. If you still get errors, we'll move on to next steps.

    For browsers, you might want to try out Mozilla Firefox. It's very similar to the look and feel of Internet Explorer, but more customizable, and safer.
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    Have you run malwarebytes anti malware? That would pick up anything that might be causing issues as well. Also have you made recovery disks - Toshiba should have an option to make manufacturer recovery disks on there somewhere. Usually takes 3 or 4 dvd's. That way you could always reinstall W8 from those, to original factory settings at some point if you wanted to. And if you didn't want to upgrade to Windows 10. It sounds like you have a lot of fix programs on there - my experience with running lots of fix programs is they can often cause more issues. So it does sound like you could do with a clean install. Did you say you'd already upgraded to W10 once and rolled back? (ie W10 is activated now). If so I think it would definitely be worth doing a clean install of Windows 10 as the others have shown above. I just burned a dvd of the ISO from the Microsoft website - the install is quick, there aren't that many updates to do either. But before you do, you need to have everything backed up - personal files backed up onto sd card or portable hard drive, manufacturer recovery disks made, and a system image and W8 repair disk made. So you can always get back to where you were (or better ).

    With a clean install you will have a stable system. And a lot less hassle and programs that work well and no need for extra utilities.
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