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Hey HansW, did you ever fix the problem? Having a very similar problem where my computer will lockup and can only do a hard reset to solve it.
Hey tetragic. Seeing as the freezes I was getting were random, I'm not sure if I fixed it. But, having made lots of changes I've experienced no freezes.

Recently, I haven't been able to use my PC for extended periods of time playing games, as I was before when I experienced freezes.

I'll tell you some of the things I changed, but I've no idea if it'll help you because I don't know what kind of hardware you have. Can you update your System Specs?

Things I did:
- Updated to Windows anniversary update (just do the standard windows update if you haven't already)
- On this page, I did all the Power Management Setting stuff mileskb posted. (look for his post)
- Disabled CPU SVID in the bios
- Increased the pagefile to 40000mb. Set the pagefile to be on the same SSD as my OS. All of the games that were freezing on me are installed on a different HDD. Check out this vid if you don't know how to set the pagefile.