I see this issue has been discussed but my situation seems to be different. I have random freezing of the screen on my PC which requires a restart to clear. I have always assembled my own PC so refer to my system build at the tab below. I have run the Mem86 test and with 8 passes at 26 hours no faults where detected. I then ran window 10 Driver Verifier to scope out a problem with BSOD it found Trend Micro was causing them that problem was solved. My drivers are all up to date, as are Windows updates. The only update I can do is there is one newer BIOS version 2201 that is dated a couple of months after the version of 2201 I have on board. With BIOS I believe in don't fix it is it aint broke. The new BIOS addresses some USB issues I don't think I have. The HHD's are all working up to snuff. I have a basic keyboard that has a wired USB connection, and my track ball, an Logitech M570 is wireless hooked up via it's unifying module. I have checked the device manager in safe mode and I can find no faults listed there. Last but not least is my Windows 10 Home is a clean install. on a new HHD. This system is the heart of my AV system. The main LG monitor is connected via DVI, the LG 55 inch HDTV is connected via HDMI to my Onkyo TX-NR709. The PC recognizes the Onkyo as the HDTV monitor. When the screen freezes the HDTV if it is switched to being a second monitor for the PC freezes as well.

So What else can I look at?