I am getting more and more pissed of by Windows 10!

Again and again my system (an MS Surface 3 Pro) feels extremely sluggish, switching windows or scrolling or even just grabbing a scrollbar or any other UI interaction for that matter seems to take forever! Oftentimes interactions cause the window to be labeled "... (Not responding)". The fan is noising around like mad. It's getting REALLY annoying!

When I check Taskmanager my system is in such situations the CPU load is typically somewhere between 50-60%, the main consumers being "System and compressed memory" (30-40%), "System Interrupts" (<10%), "Search Indexer" (10-20%), "Windows Search Protocol Host" (5-10%). I

In my understanding these are all tasks or activities that are supposed to work in the background and NOT to interfere in any way noticeable with normal usage (like emailing, writing Word docs, browsing, etc.).

How can one sedate these processes? Esp. the first one: I thought this "system and compressed memory" should only kick in, when system RAM gets low. My box has 8GB memory and memory usage typically shows something between 50-60%. Should that suffice for a few Office apps? Why is this constantly working like mad?

And - yes - I have just done another Virus scan!