god i love win 10 i really do, if not for these few ridiculously unsolvable bugs pretty much rendering
my lappy unusable for hours at a time.

sys specs

12gb DDR4 RAM
nvidia GTX960M

Win 10 came preinstalled on the system, didn't start hangups until the upgrades started rolling in. Disabled that in the Admin tools. Still having the issue. On startup I get the bright cyan screen with the stupid white dot circle and "Please Wait"... on sleep mode initialization this thing doesn't even wake back up, have to hard reset and yea cyan screen with stupid white dot circle. On lock screen initialization, it will hang out with the default windows screen logo and the 3 buttons for power, accessibility and wifi access but the password field and my user name just wont appear immediately. Trying to solve this because I really don't want to roll back, but I've already backed up my system to another partition just in case I have to go back to Win 8. No BSOD's, no crashes, system runs flawlessly out of the box as it should. Only issue is the cyan screen and white spinning dots that can take up to 30 mins to 4 hours to let me login. BTW the admin user acct is local and not cloud based. IF anyone else has solved this issue I'm all ears. Thanks in advance. Have not yet uninstalled the updates either but I'm not even sure that will solve this issue, seems systemic.