Windows 10: Windows 10 - Slow Boot. Is event ID 6006 a clue? Solved

  1.    16 Jun 2016 #1

    Windows 10 - Slow Boot. Is event ID 6006 a clue?

    On 17th April I upgraded my 2 year old Thinkpad T440s to Windows 10. On windows 7 I could boot in about 45 seconds.
    After fixing all the issues, upgrading software etc, all was running well, and Windows 10 was booting in about 45 seconds.

    Suddenly, in early May, boot times slowed right down to around 3 to 3.5 minutes. I don't recall changing anything at the time. This has also happened on my desktop machine, also running windows 10. Both are upgrades rather than clean installs.

    I've have been searching all over for the solution. I've stopped all sorts of things starting, and gone through all the usual check lists on this forum and elsewhere.

    I've created a new user, and can logon to this user in less than a minute, so there is probably something wrong with my main user profile, if I could just find it!

    In the application event log every time I boot, I see Event ID 6006: "The winlogon notification subscriber <Profiles> took 158 second(s) to handle the notification event (Logon)." (The time varies but are very close to the extra time the boot is taking). So this is my prime suspect. However, I am in a workgroup, not a domain, and most posts that reference how to stop the logon delay refer to domains, and are also pre-windows 10. I've tried the recommendations that seemed applicable without success.

    If I log in from the alternative user, Event ID 6006 does not feature in the logs. I could obviously try to move my applications over to the new user, but I have a lot of heavily configured software and this will take a long while - almost as long as a clean install of windows 10, which is the preferred alternative.
    In any case, my concern is that the problem will recur so I really want to find and fix the cause.

    I did find the following (abbreviated) post in one forum food for thought: "Having done many Win10 upgrades, I am of the opinion that UPGRADING to Win10 over an existing user profile IS NOT RELIABLE. It appears to produce a whole range of bizarre operational symptoms. To get your free upgrade, the only way is to upgrade in place. Thus the only reliable way to get an upgrade to Windows 10 is to do the upgrade in place, and then do a clean re-install of Windows 10. This is the procedure that gets you the most reliable and stable end result."

    Other Windows 10 users I know are also complaining that after initially booting very fast, it slows right down and it is back to the bad old days of having to make a cup of coffee while the boot completes!

    As I said above, I am hoping the event ID 6006 gives a clue to what might be hanging? Can anyone help?

    (I've posted this already on other forums, but no-one has come up with a fix, other than recommendations to do a clean install. I have a sort of workaround - hibernate rather than shutdown!)

    Thanks in anticipation! Brendan.
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       16 Jun 2016 #2

    Hi Brendan,
    I have been looking for a fix to my slow boot for weeks now. When I say slow boot it would boot to desktop in under a minute but then at the final loading of things like my Antivirus and background apps like Game Controller stuff it would hang with the blue 'working' icon rotating on the desktop. Nothing works and this would last upto 5 mins. Interestingly any mouse click attempts were logged as when the desktop released eventually these clicks were executed late.
    I cleaned up all errors I could find (SFC, diskclean, drivers, Win update etc etc) All but one I was able to sort. The remaining issue was the bootlog showed that the dxgkrnl.sys would load ok once, followed by 5 more attempts to load it again and ofcourse this failed. However I have been unable to find how to fix this.
    Out of frustration I did an in place install of my Win 10 install CD as per info found at Neosmart knowledge base. If done correctly it re-installs Windows fully while retaining all settings, profiles and apps that are installed. Like an upgrade from older versions the old install is saved to Windows.old which can be deleted after with diskclean to regain in my case 16Gig of disk space.
    So far so good. Win 10 is behaving it self again and boot times are back to around 1 minute. 2 days and counting.
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    Thanks, NZTinker,

    I located the article at and that's interesting, and something I wasn't aware of. I will probably give this a try if all else fails!

    In the meantime I wonder if anyone else has had any experience with event ID 6006?

    Thanks again, Brendan.
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  4.    21 Oct 2016 #4

    A short coda to this saga: This problem has been resolved for my Thinkpad, not by me, but presumably by the plethora of fixes that have been distributed recently, or possibly by Windows 10 anniversary edition which decided to install automatically. Boot time is down to about a minute in total (from pressing power on until the desktop shows). Event ID 6006 no longer shows in the event log.
    That's somewhat slower than Windows 7, but acceptable. (Yes I do use fast boot, but most of the time I just hibernate).

    So, I conclude this was a Microsoft problem, and their approach to thorough testing clearly hasn't improved with windows 10!
    I never got round to reinstalling as planned due to the time involved.
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