I have set my screen to turn off at 2 minutes while plugged in and also on battery. I've tried other times, but nothing changed. After the alotted time, it goes blank, but immediately comes back on. I've tried changing the times, tried it unplugged, tried to use sleep mode at the same threshold, but nothing works. I thought it might be my external monitor, but even with that unplugged nothing works. Powercfg -requests gives me "None" under every category. Powercfg -energy gives me a warning about USB selective suspend, but even with my external hard drive disconnected I get the same results. I bought this laptop with Windows 8. It worked as desired through upgrading to 8.1, but with 10 it does not. There are no display driver updates from ASUS. Since it's not sleep mode that's the problem (I THINK), there are no reports in event viewer, and last wake is when I opened the lid.
I want the screen off, but I'm not asking for it to go to sleep (unless I can keep my external HD awake, which TBH I don't know is possible). I don't mind closing the lid occasionally, but I run Plex (with the external HD) before going to sleep and I'd like to have my screen turn off without Plex losing connection to my server. I believe I've given all the relevant info, and when I registerred I entered some info about my laptop (but I don't know how easy it is to access). Thanks for any help.