Windows 10: W10 getting slower/lagging more (wondering if its somthing I've done) Solved

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       16 May 2016 #11

    smartcooky said: View Post
    OK, so here is my setup

    Intel Celeron 3.06 GHZ with 2.5GB RAM

    Windows 10 Home
    Version 1511
    Build 10586.318
    32bit os, x64 based processor

    C: = 128GB ADATA SSD (System drive obviously)
    D: = 250GB Seagate Barracuda SATA HDD - Network shared (Data drive)
    E: = Writemaster Speedplus SATA CD/DVD read/writer
    T: = 80GB Seagate Barracuda SATA HDD - Network shared (Dropbox drive)
    B = 1.5TB Seagate USB HDD (Network Shared, used for backing up all the drives on my network using Seagate Diskwizard)

    When I first installed WIn 10 and installed all the regular sofware I use (Photoshop, ACDsee, Firefox, Nero and AVG), it was fast. But it has gotten slower and slower, and many operations have start to lag severely, for example

    - a warning dialog will appear, or a notification tab will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen, but the notification sound associated with that dialog/tab can be delayed by anything from 30 seconds to three minutes.

    - opening Photoshop or ACDsee or any program for that matter can take two minutes or more

    - even opening an already running pogram by clicking on its icon in the taskbar can often take 30 seconds

    - When opening "This PC" it can take 15 to 30 seconds "working on it" before the drives appear.

    - If I right-click on any those drives, the "blue circle of impatience" can spin for 30 seconds to a minute before the context menu appears.

    I am posting this on an XP computer attached to the same network as the Win 10 computer and accessing the Internet through the same access point (hardwired through a Linksys X3500 router). I am doing so because surfing the web on the Win 10 computer is near impossible. If it doesn't time out on any given website, I get a stream of "a script on this page has stopped responding" errors.

    One thing I have noticed is that in the Task Manager, an entry called "System Interrupts" is using between 30% and 60% of the CPU and regularly tops out at 99%, remaining there for long periods of time, 15 seconds to 30 seconds

    Here is what I have tried so far

    1. Pause syncing on Dropbox (in case its a nework issue)

    2. Disconnecting the network shares

    3. Disconnecting the USB Drive

    Could it be that having three phyical drives is impacting severerly on the system?

    ETA: Another thing that happens is when I open a folder with , say, 100 photos in it, no matter how O have the folder setup, i.e. thumbnails, details or whatever, any attempt to scroll down is met with the "blue circle". It takes at least a minute before I can use the folder functions, scrolling, clicking on an item, selecting using ctrl click, shift click etc.

    ETA2: And another thing I notice. When a window is open, there often appears a green progress bar running from left to right "behind" the address path of the folder. This progress bar runs continually about twice each minute. While the programme bar is moving, the blue circle is spinning, and I cannot do anything.
    My suggestion is mundane and down-to-earth................. How to Optimize the Performance of Windows 10
    Optimize Performance of Windows 10
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  2.    16 May 2016 #12

    OK, so I left the computer running all night. and when I turned the monitor on this a.m., System Interrupts is going crazy and the system is lagging severely (After I ran LatencyMon it took me nearly five minutes simply to copy the stats tab into the clipboard, open a notepad page, paste it in and save it!!!)

    Here are the screenshots and the text report for LatencyMon in the "fault" condition...
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	LMon20160517-2.png 
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ID:	80221

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	LMon20160517-1.png 
Views:	3 
Size:	42.2 KB 
ID:	80220


    There appear to be some serious issues with drivers associated with networking

    Are the high ISR counts for USBPORT.sys and dxgkrnl.sys significant?

    If tcp/ip.sys really is a problem, how do I fix this?
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  3.    16 May 2016 #13

    davidhk said: View Post
    My suggestion is mundane and down-to-earth................. How to Optimize the Performance of Windows 10
    Optimize Performance of Windows 10
    Its a new install. I don't beleive the issues I am having are related to how I have Win 10 setup because, other than have not done any setting up or tweaking of settings, other the loading the software I need to work with. The system is "bog standard" except for the "Classic Shell" which I have installed because I like a real start menu. In any case, I uninstalled it for testing and still have the fault. I don't beleive that every new Win 10 installation will have all these problems.
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  4.    20 May 2016 #14

    No problems for three days, then suddenly, the computer locks up for a few seconds and then starts flickering. Photoshop keep "redrawing" over and over at about five second intervals.

    This all happened at just the moment when I went on line to check a passport photo on the NZ passport office website. I go to task manager, and sure enough, System Interrupts is running at between 40% and 60%, topping the CPU out at 100%

    I am now even more suspicious that this is a network related issue..
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  5.    20 May 2016 #15

    smartcooky said: View Post
    No problems for three days, then suddenly, System Interrupts is running at between 40% and 60%, topping the CPU out at 100%

    I am now even more suspicious that this is a network related issue..
    Hi, see
    How to get the cause of high CPU usage by DPC / Interrupt - Windows Tips Tweaks - MSFN
    for a way to diagnose system interrupts.

    The key is to identify which driver or drivers may be involved.
    Note- Process Hacker does not seem to be fully Win 10 compatible.
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  6.    22 Jun 2016 #16

    OK, so I have tried all the things you have recommended. The most useful suggestion was to use Windows Performance Tools Kit. and after several attempts, I have come to the conclusion that there are two drivers responsible for causing my problems with System Interrupts driving the CPU to maximum


    Most of the time it seems to be ndis.sys, but occasionally, it shows tcpip.sys as being the cuprit... ratio is about 8 to 1

    Any ideas about how I fix this now?

    I have had some people recommend that I try to find older outdated drivers for my Network Adaptor, but surely that would mean that the current drivers are not compatible with Win 10, so why would the older drivers be any better.

    Also, where did the ndis.sys and tcpip.sys drivers currently installed come from? Were they included in my Win 10 install or where they loaded from the chip-set disk that came with the computer originally? How can I find that out?
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  7.    14 Nov 2016 #17

    I thought was time to update this thread.

    I was never able to get to the bottom of this issue. The problems just kept getting worse and worse, with both tcpip.sys and ndis.sys showing high latency within 30 minutes of rebooting.

    I installed Speedfan and found that the the CPU was normally running at about 50°C, but when the tcpip.sys and ndis.sys latency started to climb, System Interrupts would climb to over 60% on the CPU, and the CPU use climbed to 99%. You could hear the CPU fan wind up like a jet engine, and the temperature would climb to over 75°C. At this point the computer was unusable.

    I gave up on it and replaced the MB with a brand new ASUS B150-M/A2 within an Intel i5 core CPU and a 4GB DDR4 Ram stick

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