Hey all,

I just upgraded to Windows 10 last night, and I've been playing around with the new File Explorer. One thing I tried was the batch rename function (by which I mean just selecting multiple files and clicking "rename"). I quickly realized that it behaves differently than in Windows 8, where re-renaming a previously batch renamed file group would cause all files in the group after the first to start scaling up from what would have been the last number in the group before the rename. (So for example, if you had "file (1), file (2), and file (3)" and group renamed them to "file", the new names would be "file (1), file (4), file (5)".)

Windows 10 corrects this problem and renames the files properly, except that it seems to adjust their orders erratically. When I observed this reordering, I tried to reverse it by clicking "Undo Rename". My PC gave me a warning message saying that undoing would cause some of the files to have the same name as other files, so I clicked "Skip" for all of those files. The effect of this was to delete all offending files in the group (almost all of them), and they seem to have been permanently deleted, because they did not end up in my recycle bin.

It's not a big deal in this case because those files weren't super important, but I do find this behavior alarming. Is there a way to correct the batch rename feature, or in the alternative, to at least recover the files it deleted?