Windows 10: Window becomes really slow when opening a save as window.

  1.    21 Mar 2016 #1

    Window becomes really slow when opening a save as window.

    I am not sure how to explain this, Up until last week, whenever I download something and save as to a folder, it becomes really slow and my brower freezes for 1 minute ish. I checked my processor and ntoskrnl.exe is the program thats taking most of the physical memory.

    I am not sure exactly is going on. I did try to scan with malware and antivirus, but nothing showed up.

    Any ideas?
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    Hello Faering Welcome to the Ten Forums!

    Quite annoying isn't it?! I run into that enough at times simply having a second browser window kept option. Suddenly everything will suddenly freeze up! I ran into that with IE 8, 9, 10, 11 as well as with Waterfox the first 64bit variant of Firefox as well as with Cyberfox, the latest 64bit FF versions, and other browsers as well not being a result of any malwares! At times between the host ISP and sites as well as the browser itself things will tend to bog down.

    The download or other sites may be seeing heavier traffic at the time you go to download some new app and explain why a site is slow going. Your ISP(Internet Service Provider) could be seeing heavier then usual traffic as well which can explain slow downs as well. A combination of browser issues, slow down of host provider, and other sites put together is trouble!
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  3.    22 Mar 2016 #3

    Hey hawk, thanks for replying! Um my problem isnt really the download speed, its just that when i open my explore browser, I have the open a second right after because the first one always freezes. The freeze also happen during when i open a save as window, on any program. It just freezes for a bit as if its checking something.

    At first i thought its my RAM, but nothing else slowed down. I dont know if its the recent updates. If anyone have the same problem or know whats going on? Thanks
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       22 Mar 2016 #4

    More than likely it is polling your hard drives, and one (or more) had gone to sleep.
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       22 Mar 2016 #5

    Explorer issues are no fun either. You could try defragging the drive as well as a run of the System File Checker tool in case something in Windows is in need of repair. Often a fragmented drive will tend to gum the works up a bit while the newer versions of Windows do tend to see less fragmentation.

    Here I would end up switching browsers while explorer issues seemed to be more common with 7 then with 10. Laptops on the other hand tend to particular at times however.
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  6.    22 Mar 2016 #6

    Thank you very much for your reply, i will do a full system clean up and a defrag tonight and see if it fixes the problem. I feel like it might be my antivirus, but I will have to a step by step trouble shoot to see which it is.
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       22 Mar 2016 #7

    Over the years I would see Windows Explorer windows themselves freeze up at times when going to copy and paste files, folders and you end up with the "not responding" errors. Sometimes I had to bring up the Task manager to get them closed and start all over again! I've seen it a few times but not as much with 10 so far. Back in 2013 I first restored a full system image backup and a month later a totally fresh copy of 7 went on at the time and still ended up seeing it!
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  8.    22 Mar 2016 #8

    I sometimes get this , not as long a period of time as you but still noticeable.

    When I use save , there's a pause and I hear several of my external drives come out of power sleep (they're next to me on a shelf) , start up , quick scan from the drive enclosures and then the save un-pauses.

    Could be something as simple as that....drives waking and taking time to power up and send a 'ready' signal.
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       22 Mar 2016 #9

    That would be on a desktop where you might have several drives in Full Tower size case compared to the single or in some models a second internal by popping out the dvd drive. Laptops by default of course running the energy saver not always Balanced power plan as well will see the hard disk turned off after so many minutes setting enabled for periods of inactivity while when right at the machine that tends to be kept busy.

    The problem is often browser related more then anything as it's own explorer is having a moment! The questions now would be.. Have you installed any addons lately or seen a newer version of the same browser go on and now having problems? Is there a glitch in Windows needing a fix? How much else is running in the background while downloading? etc.

    In some instances having something running even the av program doing it's scheduled sweep can be a problem. Having multiple browser windows or something else like a messenger like Skype running or something else that takes away from the internet connection is possible as well. The exact causes are too often unknown since this can be seen on any system even with faster connections and be something totally from what causes the same problem on another!

    A few things to try are reducing the number of background non essentials for programs that start up with Windows but are not running at the moment to see if some process from one of those is getting in the way. That would usually be the web updater that might included in a program set for automatic updates. Steam is one of those but scans at startup or when going to run a game not having been run for a period of time. But that simply prompts to be restarted and see the main screen come up.

    A run of the System File Checker tool at the Command prompt(admin) option from the right click menu when right clicking on the Start menu could be a help if the tool finds anything. You simply type "sfc /scannow" and press the enter key to get that going for a general status check on the main files. That would clear up any OS problems in minor nature if finding any while usually not something that involves downloads but web connection in general if finding anything pooched in the network and sharing portion.

    One other option which might be helpful or see nothing accomplished of course would be rolling the system back using a System Restore point before the download problem began. But if you have just seen Windows and other updates go on those would be seen in the next manual check at least where if one is at fault you could end up seeing it put back on again where the problem suddenly returns. But this is a bit remote since it tends to be more of a browser issue.
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