Several problems are happening. I don’t know if the extent to which they are related but here they are:
  • Earlier today, I attempted, but failed, to install the latest update for the AMD Catalyst Control Center (CCC). In one place, a message said that it had installed correctly. Another message said that it had failed to install correctly. In the Control Panel, AMD Install Manager and AMD Quick Stream are shown as installed today while the CCC shows an earlier date.
  • After the failure to update the CCC, the System and Compressed Memory process is consistently using around 50% of CPU but little memory (in the range of 25 MB).
  • Sometimes , but not always, there is a startup error: “CLIStart.exe. There’s no disk in the drive. Please insert disk into drive\device\harddisk\volume Volume8”
  • This error has appeared less frequently: “MOM.exe No disk in F.” I have not changed any USB devices recently. It looks like MOM.exe is a replacement for CLI.exe in the CCC. Should I uninstall and reinstall the CCC?
  • When I try to uninstall some programs (but not others), the Windows Installer freezes.
  • The Event Viewer shows many warnings and errors. I know that I can safely ignore some of them but it is quite challenging to figure out which, if any, I should pay attention to. I would love to share them with someone willing to take a look.

Scannow has shown no problems. Webroot is the AV.
I apologize if not all of these issues should be in the same thread. If I understood the relationships among them, if any, I could divide them more appropriately.
Thank you.