Windows 10 Repair Disk

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    Windows 10 Repair Disk

    This morning when I turned on my computer, I was getting peeps from my tower. The screen would go black and the machine would turn off. I turned everything off and re booted, it happened again. I have left the power off for two hours and everything seems back to normal.
    Should I make a repair disk or something so that if I cannot boot the machine I will have a disk to help.
    Cheers Perry
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    Hello aussie perry Welcome to the Ten Forums!

    You may not want to hear this but the problem you are seeing could be one of two things in particular. 1)The battery on the board used to maintain the CMOS information for Date, Time, Bios Setup Settings may be going on you where you would need a new coin sized replacement battery commonly used in calculators, some watches, and other electronic devices. Or 2) Your power supply is having a moment!

    Occasionally here when going to shut the system down temporarily for some reason it simply will not turn back on unless on the now 5yr. old build I turn the breaker switch off on the supply itself, Hit the power button to see the caps in the supply discharged, and then turn the breaker back on and all is then well again. That's referred to as "Recycling" the power on the supply. You can try powering up with the supply turned off or the ac plug removed in order to refresh the caps inside to see if that helps.

    As for a Recovery Drive that uses an 8gb or larger usb flash drive it never hurts having one of those onhand in case 10 has a problem of it's own and you are not able to boot into the F8 boot menu/Repair and Recovery options menus.
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    The most common cmos battery used is type CR2032.
    A rescue disk is a must have in my book but I doubt it's going to be of any help in this particular case.

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    Eveready sees the CR while Duracell sees the DL2032 with others seeing the CL2032 at times. While Asus, MSI, Gigabyte now no longer using lithium batteries by a specialized cap on the board as well as what other companies are seeing you first have to review the manual for that specific model board.

    The part on clearing the CMOS generally a pin you move over from pins 1+2 default to 2+3 not necessarily numbered or numbered like that for so many seconds clears it all bringing everything back to the factory defaults. But the reoccurance suggests the power supply is in need of a good power recycling if not seeing a more serious problem coming up.

    Here I have to keep tabs since the system is left running 24/7 and will need the power recycled when shutting it down briefly. That's another reason why I ended up buying two of the same 750w supply in case the first quit suddenly at some point. Or I ended up needing one for a newer build.
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    Windows 10 Repair Disk

    G'day Guys,
    Thank you for your replies & help.
    I went to the Battery Suppliers and he checked the battery. He said that it still had heaps of power left. I purchased a new battery.
    I have now made a windows 10 Repair USB hub.
    I have not had any beeping or problems so I am hoping everything is fine.
    Cheers Perry
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    Well that's the kind of Good News we want to be hearing! Glad everything turned good for you there. Just one other to know is often with older boards a beep code would be an indicator of something where you need to look it up in the user manual for the board found at the manufacturer's support site. If you should start hearing any more beeps at post time try to keep a count on how many you hear. Here's one reference with external links for the more commonly bios programs AMI, SIS, Award, sometimes Award-Phoenix.
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