Hello there, I am new here and it's my first post, after searching and reading for the solution which I couldn't find exactly.
Let me note down the specifications:
Machine: Laptop - Dell Vostro 1710
CPU: Core2Duo T5870 2.0GHz
GPU: nVidia 8600m GS
OS: Windows 10 Pro

About the issue, I can only tell that it freezes (or jerks) very frequently while working. Most common factors which I think trigger the jerks are the browser (no matter which), video players (no matter which one) or a Skype call.
  1. I can't just open more than a few (say 4) tabs before it will start troubling.
  2. Watching a video with doing nothing else at all, will start jerking. Where video gets stuck but the jerk also effects audio playback.
  3. While Skype remains signed-in all the time, I have noted that an incoming call or a call I try to initiate may trigger the jerk.

So the machine remains in the jerking state for as long as 30 to 60 seconds. While continuing with work being a web developer, I have to have interaction with the browsers most of the time. So I have to face it pretty frequently like every 2 minutes. It really bothers me as hell as I want to throw this machine away (sure it's an old one). But just want to know if I could fix it or not.

Another thing while the machine stays in jerking mode, it doesn't let me feel that it's stuck, hanged or completely frozen. Likewise, the mouse pointer also can move in jerks like I said above for audio (during a video playback).

While looking at the Task Manager (if in front) during the jerk-state, it shows the process which is currently in use extensively on top with most of the processor usage (not 100% though). The total usage also gets stuck between 80 to 90%, sometimes above 90% or sometime at 100%.

The process which takes the top place is usually the same, I am on. Like if browser triggers it, it takes the top spot in process list. If it's the VLC player, then I'll see it on top with most usage.

First I thought to upgrade memory but the Task Manager didn't show anything with the memory being used extensively. It mostly stays under 60%.

This thing never came up to me with previous versions of Windows including 7 or 8.1.

Hope to have answers for the fixing. Sure if possible.

Thank you