Windows 10: High CPU usage - System and Compressed Memory Solved

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  1.    10 Mar 2016 #11

    I can't confirm anything for chrome because I think it's garbage and I don't use it I use Firefox. I can confirm the adobe flash plugin thing though
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  2.    10 Mar 2016 #12

    Thanks, so are you saying you have experienced high CPU use by 'system and compressed memory' with Firefox, or are you simply advising the use of the plugin setting in general? (Which I agree is a valid one, but unclear as to its precise relevance here)

    I.e. exactly how is this point about the plugin relevant in your experience to the main issue raised, being high resource use by 'system and compressed memory'?
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  3.    10 Mar 2016 #13

    I would also like to add that before I did my fresh install of windows 10, I never had this problem on windows 7. In win7, I was running chrome with 20+ tabs of facebook and youtube and I never had an issue. Now I can barely even run 1 tab if that tab is facebook. This is NOT a problem with low memory or low cpu power. Reducing memory and cpu consumption does NOT resolve the problem. This must be some kind of underlying problem with windows 10 and the compressed memory process.

    [I have even thought of downgrading to windows 7 just so I can run multiple tabs of facebook/youtube since what I mostly do for both work and play, is done through chrome. And for the people suggesting firefox, I don't think the problem occurs in that browser however I will not switch browsers permanently because chrome is linked to all my other devices and phone, I would rather switch to windows 7 if this can't be resolved.]
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  4.    10 Mar 2016 #14

    Fair comment, so have you reported the problem to MS here for example?
    Technet forums
    or via feedback in Win 10?

    This is primarily a users forum, so it's probably a Windows bug/weakness/flaw given the volume of such reports. Don't rely on MS fixing it immediately if so- some known bugs have been with us for months.

    Windows 10 is relatively immature and fragile in a number of ways (ok, my opinion). Either you work with it, or around it, or ignore it if it is a problem users can't fix (or don't know how to yet).
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  5.    10 Mar 2016 #15

    dalchina said: View Post
    Thanks, so are you saying you have experienced high CPU use by 'system and compressed memory' with Firefox, or are you simply advising the use of the plugin setting in general? (Which I agree is a valid one, but unclear as to its precise relevance here)

    I.e. exactly how is this point about the plugin relevant in your experience to the main issue raised, being high resource use by 'system and compressed memory'?
    Well if you look at the post I was responding to...

    "If the tab with Facebook is left alone, moved to just a text post etc. it will still remain at ~30% utilization and won't drop until that tab is closed. I've tested with running Youtube videos and general browsing but it seems to be an issue with the high amount of video content that Facebook needs to load and possibly how chrome is handling this? I'll start testing with an alternate browser and I have reverted some changes I've made to my PC since I've noticed this issue appearing. Will report back if I notice any changes."

    The quick and dirty way to fix it regardless of browser is to disable facebook's automatic loading of gifs/videos. And the adobe thing is another example of browsers hogging CPU/RAM for no good reason, just another pointer to smooth out your browsing experience.
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  6.    12 Mar 2016 #16

    I can confirm the Facebook issue on Chrome. I have exactly the same problem. Anyway I have already disabled autoloading videos, but the issue isn't solved. I haven't tested it yet on another browser, but it seems only Facebook causes this issue with compressed memory.
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  7.    12 Mar 2016 #17

    Found this in a quick google search:

    So, after busting my head around this I found a way to "fix" this problem.

    First the problem: Apparently Chrome uses the video card memory instead of system memory to store the videos (and perhaps other stuff) on your feed. The problem arises when Windows System and Memory Compression tries to do its magic on the video memory (which I can only guess it's unable to do). When the video memory gets close to full the System and Memory Compression process CPU usage shoots up and stays up (apparently forever). The video memory isn't compressed and I can only guess the process keeps trying to compress it.

    That's why the test ran fine in Safe Mode. Because in safe mode display drivers aren't loaded and instead uses it's generic drivers. And that's also why when you disable WebGL everything works fine. But WebGL is awesome and very useful in many sites so I didn't want to disable it and I also didn't want to try rolling back my video drivers unless I didn't have a choice so here is a way to fix this problem. Instead of disabling WebGL altogether just disable hardware accelerated video decoding on google chrome.

    To do this you just need to launch Chrome, go the the address bar and type "chrome://flags" and then search (ctrl+F) for "#disable-accelerated-video-decode". By default this should be "off" but if you turn it "on" you disable it (you turn on "DISABLE" so that's why "on means off").

    Here's my results after multiple tests:

    As you can see with #disable-accelerated-video-decode ON I was able to scroll down on facebook until I reached the tab memory limit and the page just stopped loading. With the flag on it's default position (off) the System and Memory Compression process bugged just over 400MB. Also if you see with the flag "on" the video memory isn't affected while I scroll but with the flag "off" as I scroll the video memory usage goes up finally bugging why I'm about reaching the memory limit.

    I tried some WebGL enabled pages and everything seems to be working fine and even with hardware video acceleration disabled I'm still able to view 1080p@60 youtube videos without any significant performance problem.

    The thing is disabling this feature is only a temporary fix. There is clearly a bug that affects at least some users with video cards that have 1GB or less of memory which I would love to see fixed but I have no clue if the problem is with chrome, webgl, nvidia or microsoft... So to whom should I forward all this information? Can anybody help me with that?

    Either way at least now my computer is working as expected... I'm leaving all this here because 5 other people are claiming to have the same problem and I hope this can help them. :)
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  8.    12 Mar 2016 #18

    Hi, excellent.. there are many reports on forums where people will be waiting for this.

    RAM is constantly at 85% or higher | Windows 10 Forums
    System and compressed memory | Windows 10 Forums

    1. Windows feedback
    E.g. Windows key + ?

    2. MS sites.
    This site (but not this thread, which I've given to take you to a suitable site)
    System and Compressed memory taking 20% of CPU

    is a report of the problem of high CPU use and system and compressed memory from a different cause (there's more than one as you know).

    Ideally on that site you can find a thread specifically related to Chrome and system and compressed memory.
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  9.    13 Mar 2016 #19

    Wow, i think i can confirm that disabling acceleration will fix the problem but might have to do some more testing. My system was using a GTX560 1GB card. I believe my cheap laptop which used integrated graphics did not have this problem. Also how did you get the utilization graph for the gpu?
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  10.    14 Mar 2016 #20

    This is a on going problem. I have reported this issue to Facebook, Chrome/Google and now here. All details are the same. I will notice my CPU fan speed going up and stuff start lagging, and when checking Task Manager System Compressed Memory is running at 29 - 30 % CPU. Closing Chrome and opening again is a temporary but annoying solution. I report this here, as it only started in Windows 10.
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