Windows 10: Windows 10 slow sfc not fixing!!

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    Windows 10 slow sfc not fixing!!

    Guys, suddenly my windows 1became slow idk what was the problem so I did SFC scan. I says found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them. Please help me l. Is it my HDD causing problem it makes noise idk what type but yeah different different sounds.
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    If the read/writes heads in the drive are history from wear depending on and even not depending on the age of the drive the clicking would be the arm slapping up against the main spindle in the drive itself indicating "see ya later!" as the drive could fail at any time! You will certainly want to take the precaution of backing everything up you want to keep from the drive before that happens! as well as being a good habit to tend to anyways!

    As for the System File Checker tool(SFC) that's never a resolve for everything but is an option when some problems are not too serious since it can restore mostly minor system files from a few cab files tucked away on the drive. But when it is showing corrupt files it can't fix you might see a prompt at least with previous editions for the Windows media usually a dvd that was put in the dvd drive before running the tool where the tool would then automatically extract the replacement files it needed.

    With an upgrade install whether by Windows updates or having created 10 media something not going on fully will be a problem either immediate or delayed. This is where the second in place upgrade to repair install method is often used to avoid seeing a full clean install take place. Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade - Windows 10 Forums

    Now with that clicking becoming a bit louder? you may want to start planning to see a replacement drive go in where that would be seeing a Clean Install instead. Windows 10 - Clean Install - Windows 10 Forums

    I'm afraid these are the options you are going to be looking at since that drive doesn't sound too healthy!
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  3.    11 Feb 2016 #3

    The drive is not even a year old!!! As forfor also I did a clean install this January last week I am trying seatools all fix long if there is something else I could Dow with seatools please tell me andis there any other way coz if I say my dad that HDD is crashing he will say u more ght have done something wrong as it is not even a year old!! Also till yesterday it was running smooth
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    If everything was running well until just yesterday you will need to review each step you took as far as any new softwares or downloads added on lately as well as working with any drive tools. Generally SeaTools always gets a good rep and certainly wouldn't cause any problem with a Seagate brand drive.

    The mention you made at first of seeing 10 slow down is a clear indication you had been putting on a number of new programs that typically may be set to start up along with Windows. Once any Windows installation becomes heavily loaded with startups it will tend to slow down. If the drive itself has developed a fault the additional programs being put would only serve to see that now being revealed since drive is now required to work a little harder.

    Now when you hear the noise is that a clicking or other sound you are actually hearing as a drive gets busy usually at post time whne you may hear a whizzing whiring type sound but never anything loud? After Windows has started up and when not starting up any large program a drive should remain quiet where you only see the led flashing while a smaller program is loading. An blink of the led if the case has one will be the typical thing seen every so many seconds as Windows access the drive constantly.

    Here I had almost written off one of the previous pair of 1tb drives as lost for good when having a large number of problems trying to access it despite changing the data cable as well as the sata port on the board to no end. Once placed in an external usb enclosure however it sprang to life as if it was brand new out of the box! The replacement drives are Sata II server type heavy duty to replace the original pair of Sata 3 drives while that other Sata 3 is working fine for Windows 7 on another system when added in to add capacity as well as second OS drive on a mini case used for test purposes.

    Sometimes a drive simply become somewhat inaccessible for some reason where it may need a fresh detection or with secondary drives a replugging of the data cable if the system has a load of dust and dirt inside since case fans will tend to draw in everything! Or the port on the board itself is loaded up or in some cases a port may let go being a board issue. That tends to be seen with boards of age however if not rough plugging and unplugging of drives if not a cold solder point on the board itself?

    If it's a loud clicking noise you are reporting however that has a bit of concern there. If very noticeable it tends to reveal a drive that could be failing on you and why the advice to see everything backed up on either a second drive if you have one or onto removable media to avoid loss if the drive should go. Identifying just what sound you are hearing as well as looking over any new programs just added on in the last few days if not a week's time is what you need to report back here with. A bad download can trash Windows especially if you got hit with a malware? A bad install? or simply and unfortunate is the possibility of a bad drive depending what sounds you are actually hearing. There are other drive diagnotic tools on the web while Seatools usually gets a recommendation at times even for non Seagate brand drives. For Western Digital the WD Lifeguard tools are what you would use instead.
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  5.    11 Feb 2016 #5

    Whatever u said went overhead coz I m a noob. I don't much apps installed on pc. My PC is protected by mbam lifetime key and eset till 2018. I can't exactly tell what sound but it is different every time but there is a same running sound which is loud. If it due to activation of windows with an activator I can use the key I have. Thnx and please I m a noob use simple English
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    "mbam" is Malwarebytes I have to assume being the program you named. As far as product activation for Windows or any other software that wouldn't have anything to do with any sound coming from any drive since activation is software related while these noises suggest a hardware problem namely with the drive itself.

    I realized right away you are rather new at this. But I still had to go over somethings with you that can be explained in more detail if needed. All you need to do is ask if you are not able to understand something I will try to explain to you. It does take time to pick up things and experience of course in this field is about the best teacher!
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  7.    11 Feb 2016 #7

    In seatools fix all long test and long generic test fails all the time and the sound problem is like when PC is booting it makes noise but after boot up &10-20 seconds the noise is gone and yes mam is malwarebytesmalware bytes anti malware
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    The sounds you are hearing are likely case fans one or more being sped up along with a cpu fan on the cpu cooler if one is present all being made to run much faster at post time when the largest draw for power is placed on the power supply. The post tests are conducted. OS begins loading. etc.!

    If you hearing noises coming from the drive itself and were running into Windows stalling at startup and other freeze ups indicating bad sectors and more or less problems in general the drive would become a possible suspect. For hearing things only at post time however that would tend to rule the drive itself and why I was mentioning you may have downloaded something that ended up causing a problem if there are no hardware issues.

    What might help here would be providing what information you can about the hardwares themselves realizing you may not even know since the system you have sounds like it was put together by someone else and not simply one bought in a store. Make and model of things can be found with the trial version of the latest release of the System Information for Windows utility program which will go right onto 10 without problems and provide a full detailed break down for all softwares as well as the hardwares like make and model board, video, sound cards. hard drive information, memory and cpu make, model, and speed type information for those, and even temps and voltages with the different options!

    The only problem of course is that it would be for the 15 day trial since the company no longer offers the free Home edition. Instead you see the trial period for the Pro or Tech version with the Pro limited to 3 pcs while the Tech is unlimited for either $30 more for the 1yrs. sub or $100 for the lifetime with the Tech I will be looking at rather soon since who gets asked to look at everyone's else's machine but.... ?

    The other app you can use for this however would the PC Wizard or Gizmo's Freeware HWinFo being in the list of freebies at Best Free System Information Utility | Gizmo's Freeware

    You can totally ignore the Everett Home and AIDA32 last options as those two are long gone and weren't that spectacular years back as raved about! The SIW even then with the free home edition provided a full breakdown on any system!

    With either of those you should be able to gather the hardware information needed. But as far as the corrupted files that could end up requiring either a fresh or upgrade to repair type of install which would require someone else's attention to fix! Plus 10 media would need to be created if not already. Even the SFC tool used to prompt for the Windows dvd with past versions where the tool would then extract from the disk as I was mentioning earlier.

    I think you will need to have someone else being going over things with you at this time however taking a look at the system for you to avoid seeing you break something? or get the blame? Someone experienced at repairing Windows related problems as well as knowing enough how to run diagnostics on things would be the advice to give you here. It's not to put you off but someone with a bit more experience would be the one to be physically present to examine things. The tools at the links that do any harm but are simply tools for gathering system information that can be helpful.
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  9.    11 Feb 2016 #9

    I will try The software and upload the file asap. Also I m trying seatools dos will it help me? And that corrupt files problem is fixed so ignore it.
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  10.    11 Feb 2016 #10

    How do I attach XML file here I want to upload MY PC report
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