Windows 10: Windows 10 slow sfc not fixing!!

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    The xml file stays where it is! That is unique to that system only as far as activation goes and wouldn't be any good for any type of diagnostics.

    As for the SeaTools themselves are you running a Seagate brand drive by chance? The assumption would be yes since you seem to be focused on them. Those are generally only good for analysis of the state the drive is in and won't help any with corrupted system files. If you were able to download and install one of the system information utilities I was mentioning before the Snipping tool found in the Start>AllApps>Windows Accessories will be able to grab a screen capture you can attach to your next post for a look. With the SIW tool(System Information for Windows) you would scroll down past the Softwares section into the Hardwares to not select everything to have a mountain of captures but cpu, board, video card, sound card, network card if any, or anything else that depends on device drivers while the things you have indicated so far suggest the possible need for a repair install of Windows.

    As for the SFC tool another thing you can try long before jumping on a last resort option of either an Upgrade to Repair or full clean install would be the Disk Check tool which can also help clean things up at times. "chkdsk /r/f" is the command with both the repair and "fix" switches added onto the end of the command itself. When entering that into an elevated command prompt or right clicking on the Stat button to scroll down to the Command prompt(admin) option to run as administrator level that will schedule a run of the Disk Check tool on the next start up.
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    Often what may be seen by one tool as corrupt files might just be disk errors that need to be corrected in how Windows is seeing the drive. That could end up being volume information tainted rather then actual system files. A shaky Partition Table can make a drive seem like it is going on you! That will be starting the machine up as well as having problems with programs will be much more noticed! To get that scheduled you can also right click on the C drive while in an Explorer window and open up the Tool tab there.

    As you look at that tab's screen you will see the Error checking at the top where you simply hit the "Check" button to see that the tool is set to run immediately. The screen here while taken from Windows 7 hasn't changed any as far as how the tool works with the advanced options checked off.
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    When unsure however the preferred option is to see the tool run while Windows isn't running so no processes are trying to write to the drive while the tool is going over everything on it. Other then that if your only concern is the sounds at post time the tool might just clean things up for you and avoid the need for any more extensive type repair. I would say give this a try first and see how it goes.

    Now to add in another screen only from 10 this time which sees an updated version of the same tool only now will indicate whether or not you even have to run the tool as any errors have already been found.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Disk Check Error Checking in W10.jpg 
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  2.    12 Feb 2016 #12

    I ran check disk and repaired the errors now there are no errors. I am using Seagate HDD. I m thinking of doing an in place upgrade or install. Ease help me with that
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    If you are no longer seeing any errors with the Disk Check tool as it is more commonly referred to while still the same thing of course you will be needing a few things to tend to first! The download of the Media Center tool is one option for having a tool available to create the 10 media on the spot with as well as consider downloading and saving the Threshold 2 Update's "Windows.iso" file to a folder on the drive or on a second drive if you have more then one in use to have onhand.

    Actually here the iso was mounted and not the setup.exe at the root or in the "C:\$Windows~..." either BT or WS temp install folders at the route of the Windows sub folder found here under "C:\$Windows~WS\Sources\Windows" but the sub folders for the 32bit and 64bit found under the Windows sub folder there was started up to see the 10 Installer's initial screen appear while the setup file at the root simply stalled since it wasn't while booted live but while still in Windows.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Seeing the 10 installer running from the temp install folder is how the downloads themselves work as well as the upgrade by update method since the Windows update tool simply can't restart your system and run live without Windows running. You'll notice right away in the address bar the "Sources\Windows\x64| sub folder for the 64bit files was directly accessed to run the setup.exe file manually while you will want to review the upgrade guide itself preferably as well as see the 10 media created for the November update unless that is what you saw go on depending on just when 10 was put on which if just lately following November 11th would be the present generally released not Insider Preview build but generally made public build being the six month later update for 10.

    Now there are actually two upgrade guides one for generally upgrading from a previous version and the one I will point you to for seeing the repair type install. Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade - Windows 10 Forums

    The other guide of course will be for going about downloading 10 by either the Media Creation Tool already referred to or a direct download in ISO form from the Tech Bench Program's own download page. Windows 10 ISO Download

    The difference is first the Media Creation Tool is just that something you download first to have onhand as well as download to see the instant upgrade online, create the 10 usb Install Key which will need at least an 8gb flash drive to handle the 5.48gb "4 in 1" Home and Pro, 32bit and 64bit Windows.iso file downloaded and either seeing the immediate upgrade, 10 key, or even saved to a folder on the drive for later use. At the Tech Bench site you will see the two choices between the 32bit or 64bit dual edition iso instead of the 4 in 1 combination is how that goes.

    With the news that the Disk Check found and corrected some disk errors that comes as no surprise from having previous seen the dual boot of 7 with the Windows 8 Customer Preview back in 2012 end up with both versions crashing as a result of disk errors on both drives attributed to the dual boot with a buggy 8! The run of the tool back then got 7 running first followed by the PC Refresh of the 8 CP which added 7 in which previously had seen 8 added into the 7 BCD store(boot configuration). The same dual OS crash once again took place only saying good bye to the 8 CP in a fast hurry!

    But what you may end up doing over time is something you may want to start preparing for as well as make a good habit of is seeing things backed up from the drive either by scheduling an automatic backup. creating a full system type backup of the entire drive, or simple as you go along manual backups like downloading things twice to two separate folders or drives often two separate drives in case the OS drive fails or needs a good wipe where then you would be looking at.... Windows 10 - Clean Install - Windows 10 Forums

    You will also notice that those guides as well as a few others are what you will see in my forum signature. That was intentional so people would see those references right in front of them for easy access! The Recovery Drive for example is also a good tool using an 8gb or larger flash as long as you are able to boot live from a usb flash drive which with a number of laptops seems to be out! The Recovery Drive contains all of the live repair tools and options you would typically find in the F8 boot options menu when starting up to fix or troubleshoot some type of problem including the Start Repair and command prompt options and last resort Reset PC option.
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    I already did this but no use. Now I m going to do reset. Thanx for your help anyway
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    The reset will basically amount to a clean install anyways only without the 10 media involved. Hopefully you remembered everything you want to see backed up before proceeding with that option. But the Disk Check having found and corrected disk errors would suggest the drive is good but the problems are software for the time being at least. Let me know how that goes for you.
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