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    Memory Question

    Hello all. I recently upgraded my Memory from 8 to 16 Gigs. same make. model and vendor, i have noticed that i only have 7.9 Gigs Usable. but on boot up and in control panel ,system i am able to see 16 Gigs , am i missing something here ?

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    Thanks in Advance

    Thanks in advance
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    It could be considered a bit odd since I have 16gb here showing 3.3gb in use namely since the 64bit Windows preloads data into the active ram as well as the number of startups and 12.7gb available. The memory here is four identical dimms as well of the same brand, speed, type, etc.

    The 64bit Cyberfox web browser used here automatically grabs 400mb for each browser window opened up. That is the largest grabber running at the present moment not having anything other then the usual System and 3rd party services for the av software as well as other programs like Acronis running in the background. Once I open a media player or pc game for example the usage climbs up fast while nothing major at the same time. It's generally the total collection of additional items to explain a higher usage.

    The thing you would want to start looking over is how many processes do you have there starting up along with Windows to explain the higher memory usage. The Details tab in the TM can point out which ones are grabbing the most as you scroll through the rather lengthy list of items! From there you can locate anything non essential in the Startup tab or preferably the msconfig utility as the better option to simply uncheck any unwanted startups keeping in mind some are required to start with Windows in order to see programs work especially any with scheduling options.
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    Take out all the RAM sticks then make sure to reseat firmly
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    When going to extract and reseat the memory firm but not too hard as you won't want to see any damage but see the retaining clip or tab lock in place with each dimm down in flush. You will also want to lay one arm across the chassis as an ESD precaution if you haven't been swapping out hardwares or custom building where you learn how to discharge yourself since memory is still sensitive.
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    I notice that 8.1 GB is unavailable because it is labelled as Hardware reserved. This usually happens because the system can't see the memory for various reasons but at least all your memory has been detected. Are the four memory sticks really identical? They are really two pairs as they were bought at different times so it will be worth making sure that you have them installed as pairs in the right slots, so the first pair would go into slots 1 and 3 and the second into slots 2 and 4. Refer to your MB manual for details.
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       27 Jan 2016 #6

    On many boards that would slots 1 and 2 not 1 and 3. The banks are no longer seeing separate channels but instead see memory collectively tallied while Dimm Slot #1 is always populated. The first usually has either a marking or color banding if not blue while the others are black depending on the manufacturer and board design itself. Some boards will see all blue while others will a different color entirely such as with micro atx boards. Red or Orange if not Green perhaps.

    As for the hardware reserved often system memory is shared with other devices like the video card if that happens to be a smaller model for example. The shared memory is then mapped out and no longer available for software purposes as active ram.

    Now the other thing of course is whether or not someone is running the 64bit or possibly 32bit 10 which would automatically see the bulk mapped out to hardwares right off of the top! The max available then would be become something like 3.571gb out of the 16gb total and deduct even more from that before even starting the first program from the startups and services that load with Windows. That would explain the low 1.1gb being seen.

    With the system here with a number of things added on 10 was already seeing 1.8gb while sitting idle taken for the kernel and what runs in the background. And another to start looking at would be a change in how memory is being allocated such as the paging file and System reserved portion of the drive for restore points if by some off chance the increase in ram also saw a change take place in the system settings.

    The 32bit Windows however regardless of which version still sees that 4gb cap. And is Pantz is showing us a look at the Task Manager on a 10 VM that might only be seeing 2-3gb assigned by settings to that being what we are looking at. I had to speculate a bit about this since some information was never specified.
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    I don't think this is a hardware issue. It's quite common for graphics cards to steal a bit of memory. My total ram size is 15.9 for instance.
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    Well that simply becomes hardware sharing there. Here I have no worry with a 1gb card in and not using anything onboard which is the main culprit you look for first. Onboard options immediately take away from the active ram in order to have that resource. If you have onboard graphics as well as onboard sound plus Bluetooth going with WiFi or even WLan you are looking shared memory being taken.

    That would also explain the 6,8gb taken off the top being a bit large for just the idle Windows with only a browser window open(300-500mb max). You simply total that up along with the remaining larger processes observed in the Details tab and this is where the memory might be going. A faulty dimm being present wouldn't be showing the 16gb overall total.
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    Hello Again, Sorry For not replying sooner, and sorry for not updating my System Specs. i am not on a VM , i am on a Updated , Validated WIN 10 Pro, i used the VM for the install of the Insiders offer.

    The First 8 Gigs i purchased from Amazon, and used that purchase to order the Recent other 8 Gigs, so in Essence even tho they were brought at different time, they are the same Memory

    I will Try Re-seating the memory , even tho the system see the Full 16 Gigs in BIOS and on POST.

    thanks for all the Input. i will be back with the Results in a day or 2

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks in advance
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       28 Jan 2016 #10

    You might want to try running the second pair of dimms separately without the first pair in to see how that works out. If those also work flawlessly by themselves you might have ordered what looked the same but not. With each installed separately a great tool that provides a complete breakdown of both software and hardware information called System Information for Windows will indicate just what is actually installed in every dimm slot in case you got in a mismatch or one dimm could be bad.

    That is one freeware that has been around now for about 10yrs. already and is a great asset to have onboard! Here's a look at how it displays information on the memory here.Click image for larger version. 

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