Hey guys,

So I just reformatted my PC and did a fresh install of windows 10 as my computer was running into some issues. The install went fine I reinstalled all of the computers drivers from the manufacturers website. My computer is custom built, so I had to go around to the different websites for the different drivers. Now the first couple of days of the reformat everything was fine my computer was running perfectly just as if it was brand new, but recently command prompt randomly opens for about 0.5 seconds flashing text then disappears it doesn't happen often, but it is an annoyance as it will close me out of full screen apps etc. I managed to hit print screen when it popped up once here is what it says...

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I looked it up online and I found a few posts, but no solutions. A few people said they reinstalled their AMD drivers, but I have no AMD equipment in my computer all Intel and Nvidia. I double checked my intel, and Nvidia drivers and they were all up to date as far as I aware. Does anyone have any solution to this? I've been desperately trying to find a solution, but have gone no where.

Thanks for all your help,