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    What is iexplorer.exe ?
    I have noticed that it uses lots of data and wondered if it is needed , I use Edge and Opera for my internet browsers .
    I have also noticed how slow using Edge has become , if you are typing it just stops , I think it is the adverts at the side ect , is there a way of blocking them like an ad blocker .
    What is the best way of keeping Windows 10 clean and fast if that is possible .
    I am no expert in computers just to let you know !!!

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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    Hi, iexplorer.exe = Internet Explorer. If you don't use it, it shouldn't be running.

    Can't comment on Edge except to say it did seem fast. It doesn't support extensions, and I use Roboform a lot for logging in to sites, so it's not helpful.

    What's your CPU usage with just Edge open - and your RAM usage %? Problems with those could slow things down.

    Clean and fast? Usual recommendations- minimise start-ups, ensure idle CPU use low.
    I use Ccleaner (free/commercial) periodically to free up disk, but not its registry cleaners. Avoid those unless you actually want problems.

    You can via Settings 'Choose which apps run in the background' disable those you don't use.

    In Settings, Update & Security, Windows Update, choose how updates are delivered, choose Off, or On + PCs on my local network - if applicable- to limit Windows updates being uploaded to other PCs on a peer-to-peer basis to limit use of your PC & bandwidth for that.

    Don't forget to use disk imaging and update the image periodically to preserve the state of your PC so you can revert to it in a relatively short time when things go wrong. Many advantages.
    Aomeo Backupper or Macrium Reflect (free) + external medium for backup + their boot disk.

    Just some quick ideas.
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    Thanks for your reply attached are images of where iexplorer.exe is and also I have done what you suggested closing apps I don't need running , just clicking them took a good few seconds to go from on to off , I had already had the updates one sorted .
    I have an external hard drive so back up my hard drive on that , not sure if it is the right thing to do or not.
    Thanks again
    How do I close the iexplorer.exe if is shouldn't be running on windows 10 .
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    Oh I see, Windows Explorer will always be running in the background and that's normal. I thought you were referring to IE10.. they are two different things.
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    Your desktop is an instance of explorer, as is, say, the control panel. The (old traditional XP/Win 7) start menu is also expressed by explorer..

    So it's not so surprising it's running.. if you restart explorer (when you've only one present) you will find your desktop and taskbar vanish, then return.
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    iexplore.exe is the main executable for Internet Explorer but most of the work is done in (many) other files. It is essentially part of the OS and cannot be removed by normal methods. While it is technically possible to do so this is not recommended. Some Windows components and third party applications use Internet Explorer itself or it's components and will fail if it is removed.

    While Internet Explorer is running there will be at least 2 instances of iexplorer.exe running.

    Explorer.exe is something quite different. It controls the desktop, the start menu, and provides most of the user interface to the OS. Windows Explorer runs as part of this process.
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    Oh I see I thought if windows 10 used the Edge now explorer wasn't needed .

    The adverts are I think what is slowing it down , not sure if anything can be done about those probably not .
    I noticed that my old windows files are still on the computer. ie windows 8.1 probably in case I want to go back to it , I know I won't so could I get rid of that .
    So if I open windows os c drive this is what I see....
    windows os , windows.old , click get this ... program data click this and get this... DP45977C.lfi when I click this I get choose an app to open this , would you know if I can just delete this ?


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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    Hi, Edge is an internet browser, new in Win 10, and some consider as yet incomplete. Internet Explorer, MS's internet browser for years, is available in Win 10.

    You can make either - or another one you install- your default browser.
    Suggest you make IE your default- familiar.

    Open Settings, type Default, scroll down to Choose a default web browser, click on the one shown, then choose from the list.

    Sure, you can delete Windows.old (see Tutorial section for technical details- you can't simply delete it because of Windows protection features) but it will be deleted automatically after 30 days. If the disk space isn't critical, don't worry about it.
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