I noticed that when I booted into clean boot to solve a issue with a game that seems to have solved itself I just wanted to do other stuff and the PC felt like worm or a snail, it was depressing to see that it took Paint 5 minutes to launch and I also noted that I got an error when pressing ctrl+alt+del, I tried to take a screenshot of it and paste it into Paint so that I could upload it here but it seems that the shot was never taken.

But I'm baffled that it would take so long for Windows to respond, I thought the computer would run smoother during Clean Boot, and then of course after mashing in ctrl+alt+del (I know you shouldn't but there is a beast within) for a minute, nothing happened for like 4 minutes, screen goes black/dark blueish color and stays that way for like 5-10 minutes and then there is an error with something like that "the security options available from the ctrl+alt+del menu aren't available and if Windows wont stat to respond press esc for it to reboot".

Cheerio Boris :)