Windows 10 PC's over heating

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    Windows 10 PC's over heating

    Hey guys, new to Windows 10 and also the forums site. So I'm a technology assistant at a high school. I've encountered some weird things using windows 10 other than what we used previously Windows 7. I preformed updating all of the Staffs computers to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Never have had a problem with computers turning there self on at night after being shutdown. I have a batch file that runs the shutdown.exe file at 7:30pm every night to insure that the computers get a break even if the staff does not turn off there PC. So I've had a couple teachers tell me that there computers are wide awake when they get there in the morning. I checked out that task is completing also with the batch file to shutdown. We are using Windows Server 2008 R2 for all the users to sign in via active directory.

    This was never a problem with Windows 7, would love to make sure these computers remained shutdown after 7:30pm every night until teachers press the power button.

    Anyone have anything to try to keep these PC's shutdown at night?

    Also once that is resolved, is there a way to uninstall Cortana completely? These are desktop machines so Cortana is pointless to the staff.

    Thank you,
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    Hi, have a look at this... and there are other threads here that, if you search, may help you.
    Solved Computer restarts after clicking shut down or sleep after W10 upgrade - Windows 10 Forums

    There are several possible causes- it's not sthg I've seen myself, so perhaps someone who has will be able to help you.
    Devices set to wake your PC, the PC waking to do updates, for example.
    You may wish to try disabling fast startup to see what difference that makes.

    Cortana: you can't actually remove this.
    You can hide the search bar - rt click the taskbar, click Cortana, click Hidden.
    Cortana isn't specific to laptops or phones.. it's meant to be a general search tool. But frankly it's not sthg I want to use, which I think is your underlying thought.

    You should consider using e.g. Classic Shell (free) to replace the start menu. This is very configurable and can look like a Win 7 start menu. It will be much more familiar.

    You can still use the Win 10 menus as well if you wish (Windows key + X, and with Classic Shell installed, Windows key + SHIFT to launch the Win 10 menu.

    Windows 10 is rather delicate. Don't change Settings- especially Privacy settings- without due caution and backup.

    Disk imaging (or equivalent precaution) will help to rescue you - and save a huge amount of time, unless you already have a system in place to restore the PCs to how they were.

    Win 10 is somewhat immature, and is not as robust as Win 7 was/is, although 'In place repair install upgrade' is sthg you may become familiar with as a useful tool.

    Due precautions in an office environment are strongly advised!
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    I tried out uncheck marking the fast selective shut down and made sure the task ran at 7:30pm which it did and ran the task correctly. But when I came in this morning the computer was still on. There has to be a way to shut these beast down and keep them down until the power button is pushed....
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    Please look through this thread.
    Solved Computer restarts after clicking shut down or sleep after W10 upgrade - Page 2 - Windows 10 Forums

    Hi, I fixed this problem on a friends system yesterday. The "Fast Startup" option was the final part of the solution for his custom build.

    Maybe a similar troubleshooting process will work for you too:

    • Reboot and enter BIOS
    • Check all Power Management settings are correct and save any changes
    • Restart Windows
    • Disable Fast Startup
    • Open your Power Plan Settings and click on Change Advanced Power Settings
    • Then go through each device that could be causing your pc to wake and change it accordingly
    • Reboot after each change to find the culprit

    In other words, you will need to do some analysis... or find comparable hardware on which this problem has been reported.

    Also this:
    computer wakes from sleep at night time - Windows 10 Forums
    Automatic Maintenance by default runs at 2 AM and wakes the PC.
    See this tutorial to change those settings and see if this is what is waking the PC:

    Automatic Maintenance - Change Settings in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
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    I have set my batch file for running the shutdown.exe program for 8pm,2am,4am. Hopefully this will give me time frame of when its booting its self back up.
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    It's a bit easier than that. Open Event Viewer, Administrative events, sort by event id, and look for 6005.
    6005 = startup
    6006 = shutdown.
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    Okay, I will give this a shot. Thanks so much!
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    I always tell people to leave their PC on and just turn off the monitor. windows does a lot of maintenance tasks when you're not actively using the PC, so this makes sense to me... If the fans are free from dust and hair, the PC should not overheat.
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    Windows should find a time between 7am and 8pm to do maintenance tasks then. Computers shouldn't run 24/7 unless there extremely high in computers. In our case there not, being on all the time the 4gb of RAM will add up quick with teachers PC's. In that case its nice to give the PC's a break and shutdown over night just like us humans go to bed every night. With over 200 pcs to maintain in the district I don't have time to clean them every 3 months so being shut down is the best option for me, but for you if you want them to run 24/7 then that works for you.

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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    Also, leaving things on will reduce their lifetime, use energy, increase costs. Unless there is a substantial backup task, ongoing processing, or need to access them remotely e.g, they should be shut down. Sure, some scheduled maintenance task could be run, but shut them down afterwards.
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