Hello All

Before I start the question I dont have a problem with Acer as I have still got more that 3 acer products I use plus had many laptops in the past that have always been great bits of kit.

That said I bought my last Acer from Amozon and it has been nothing but a pain right from day one. It is a i5 with 6gb ram and a 750Gb HD So thought I was on to a good m/c with what I had in the past. AnywayDay one I messed up the start So thought as it was just starting it would be eisier to just wipe and restart . Was I wrong as it took just under a day. To get back to just being able to start again. I thought it was funny But used it for the next month or so and then one day I had to do a roll back Now to say there was only a month or max two months work on the laptop it took over 5 hours to just do a roll back. . Now I know thats not right so I asked Acer they said to send it back. Which I did I got it back in under 4 days. Now your not telling me that was enough time to fully test it out? because they said it was OK with the tests they did. I asked if they had done a rollback test To which they answeard no and that they had done other tests which turned out to be the same sort of test I had already done like read and write on the HD Ram test. Proccesor test All which passed. So why was it taking so long to do those two main procceses?. Anyway it went on and on and it was still slow and then it started to shut down and would not start and the charger was acting up also the screen was ripping as if there was a loose connection so I told Acer about this and all the slow things again. Off it went and came back again in 4 days . But as soon as I opend the screen was still ripping and worse. I contacted Acer and told them . They said they could not see it when it was in for repair.I said I would see if it got worse as there was only 14 days to go on the warrent. Acer said well there is 30 days warrenty after a repair anyway. 20 days passed and it was now doing it all the time. I rang Acer and explained what had happend and they sent a courier for it. But after 4 days it was not back then 10 days it was not back So I rang them and they said they was waiting paymeny as it was out of warranty. That was the last straw. So I managed to get it done for free with a nicely worded letter written by my son who is a second year law student and included all of the past correspondance. But however still left me with a laptop that was/is not as good as it should be by a long way..

So the problems now is its super slow all of the time. I dare not even do a rollback because of how long it would take Let alone a complete restore from new. At start it takes a while (a couple of mins) But even after its started the disk is running at 98-100% for the next 6-10 mins in which time its impossible to do anything . Also once out of say every 4 times I put the laptop into sleep all i get is a black screen on start up so have to power it off via the power button for a few seconds. And the last thingI can think of is when I have quite a few windows open in the browser say 25 plus the laptop will for no reason hang up and I have to shut down via holding the power button for a few seconds like before. But which brings me back to the startup problems again.. BTW it was originally on W8 then W8.1 But I changed it to W10 in the hopes it might help with some of my problems which unfortunatly it wasnt

I think what im asking is firstly if anyone has ever come across anything like this. Also is there any software I can use to check out my laptop myself or any software that you think might help with any of the above problems.. Or anything else you need to know to make any suggestions.

Im sorry it is such a long message but its been building now for a couple of years and finally the starting problem has just made me break im afraid..

Many thanks and ANY help will be much appriciated.

Best Regards Os

P.S. I would get a new one if I could afford to but due to health reasons we will not get into that one..