I recently got a new laptop, an ASUS K501L running Windows 10, I previously owned a Mac and haven't used Windows since XP so I feel somewhat lost here. I've noticed that whenever I open a new tab ((or any new window, or click on a link etc) in Chrome (or Firefox, or Edge for that matter) my fan will start whirring very loudly. I checked taskmanager to see what's going and, I noticed that if I open a new tab my CPU will jump as high as 60%. This happens non-stop, I can just navigate to any plain subreddit and my CPU will go nuts for a second and my fan will go very loud and then be quiet again. It's very strange, for instance if I watch a high definition video my fan is not very loud, but opening the link causes my computer to freak out.

Please can anyone help? I have tried to research this problem extensively, is it possible that the issue is caused by the fact that I have 2 graphics drivers? When I navigate to display adapters in Device Manager I see that I have two: Nvidia card and an Intel Graphics card.

Also my computer recently crashed and gave me a kernel security error it reset, and has worked, I tried opening the .dmp file based on instructions I read here but when I tried to open the document all I saw was a font I couldn't recognize (virtually no english words).

Things I've tried: Uninstalled McAfee (came pre-installed).
I turned off all notification settings, through notification settings I read that that some how the "Show me tips about windows" could be causing issues.
I've turned of startup programs that I didn't need.
I've checked to make sure video drivers are updated (by going to drivers in device manager and checking for updates).
I've made sure Windows is up to date.

I've read that drivers could be the issue? Is it possible to further investigate if this might be the issue?I'm not totally sure how to diagnose the problem even, or point me to where I can learn more about Windows10/about this stuff so I can figure it out. I've tried googling aro