I also made a Recovery USB Flash Drive... About 3 Gig of Files Total... With the Reconstruct.WIM 2.7 GIG
Once I was done... I wasn't satisfied...

So I took the Files and Copied Them To My Hard Drive In A Subfolder called Recovery
Then... I used Rufus to write the MBR Bios ID when I redid the format using any image.iso
Reflect.iso or easeus.iso it didn't matter. I wanted the ... Press any Key To Boot From USB
and I wanted a Progress Bar to show me how long before the files loaded 100%

I consider these two things very important... I have a Progress Bar Loading Files Far Left... that I keep handy


it's just a modified bootmgr.exe.mui type file plus a few other files that seem to make the USB
Drive load faster... I have used it on about 6 of my Flash Drives and I got it from my Gandolf WinPE
originally the one that has portable apps installed and loads the internet for me.

That is how I make a Recovery USB Flash Drive... Far Superior because I don't have to
take out the Flash Drive... I have the option to press any key to run the Flash Drive
and I get a Progress Bar... With Loading Files..... on the Far Left ... It's just the way I like it.

I hope my sharing how to make any Flash Drive Better... Helps someone who like to do things and
likes them done right.

The Setting on Rufus are under Advanced next to the Format Options
Checkmark Use Rufus MBR Bio's ID to get the Press Any Key To Boot From USB...