Sometimes a process will hang for apparently no reason. The usual practice is to open Task Manager and terminate the process (select it and click End task). But there are a couple of applications that hang for good and cannot terminate them. I get an Access Denied error when I click End task. If I wait for VERY long time (maybe half an hour or more) maybe this process will eventually quit and close. But this is not always the case. Most practically I have to reset the computer (trying to restart or shutdown the whole computer hangs and never completes the action). This usually happens in Nero Video and Windows Explorer. In Nero Video, if I try to click to select project or to import media on the project, it might hang. This is really annoying as I have several videos waiting editing to free my hard disk space. Other times when I click on the start button, Windows Explorer hangs (I have Classic Shell installed, but I don't think this causes any issues). Has anybody any idea what's going on and how can I solve it? I have already searched for malware, but didn't find anything serious, just some privacy warnings which I have removed.

Thank you in advance.

PS: What means that a process is "suspended"? How can I resume it?

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