When playing the Klondike game on win 10, I experience CPU usage between 28 and 45% according to Task Manager, plus overall CPU usage between 70 and 88%. Responses to my mouse clicks and movements can take from 5 to 20 seconds. When I minimize the game, the game cpu usage goes to 0 and the overall usage goes to 1% indicating that the game is responsible for most of the overall cpu usage. I have updated my Intel HD 4000 driver (it needed an upgrade), and several other suggested fixes without result.

I have occasionally had the same problem with another windows store game named Hearts Deluxe--however it only goes into heavy cpu mode about 10% of the time--while Klondike seems to do it consistently. I also have occasionally had the problem from time to time on other Solitaire Collection Games such as Pyramid.

I find the only way to work the game is to minimize the game, let its cpu go to 0, and then when I maximize it again, I have a couple of turns before it goes cpu crazy again.

None of this happened prior to the major update to win 10. I seemed to run fine on the original win 10 for a few months prior to this.