Chronic 100 percent disk and CPU usage on older hardware

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    This last build hasn't been to kind to some users,
    Probably prevoked the new terms of usage for losses to 5.00 u.s. but with a nice note you get back what you paid for it ~0~
    I got rid of it before that stuff surfaced thankfully but then again I didn't leave 10tp sit long enough to sleep or hibernate it was more a poke around and leave feedback and bailout deal

    Wild stuff for sure :)
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    Went into kitchen at 5 am and noticed one of the new TP installs on Acer x1300 Slimline desktop that had earlier been Hibernated was on and revving high CPU. Checked Task Manager and Communication Service was at 50% but I think it had just throttled down due to opening Task Manager being deemed user activity. I wonder if MS can wake from Hibernation for reporting during the night.

    I have had no problems with hibernation or sleep on my later model Lenovo corei5 laptop running TP for 3 straight months. But now I realize after testing that neither Acer X1300 desktop will time out to Sleep or Hibernate in Windows 10. This is fine with one user but not the other. The 10 clone on eMachine will time out to Sleep and Hibernate though.

    John Carrona
    , here's the reports you requested for the PC which started itself with max CPU during the night:!23650&authkey=!ADqsMppb9tJQ8Oo&ithint=file%2czip

    About perfmon: The print driver is from the full package installed after MS driver enabled print but not scan. Full pkg gives scan from desktop but not printer top. So the driver is not working for TP correctly. But I need to leave enough of it to scan which the MS driver won't do. The printer is connected to desktop via USB cable, but is used wirelessly too.

    I disabled all Startups except OneDrive where User folders are rooted, Eight Gadget pack, Yahoo Messenger.

    It's quite calm now as I'm writing this on it, but was raging CPU earlier this AM when it mysteriously turned itself on.

    - I ran the App Troubleshooter and it said the Store config was corrupt and re-registered. I don't recall trying to disable Store though I'd thought about it.
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    The new build is supposed to be delivered via the store app access so you better leave instructions on how to re-enable it when you go on your trip :)
    I would of thought it would be the Onedrive app personally verifying files....
    I would not think the start app does anything at all until it's actually opened :/
    I suppose maintenance is maintenance.
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    gregrocker said:
    Slartybart - I ran the App Troubleshooter and it said the Store config was corrupt and re-registered. I don't recall trying to disable Store though I'd thought about it.
    Yeah, I think that msg is a red herring, I get it every time I run the MATS - either that or the Store is self-corrupting.
    Disabling the Store is a last ditch effort - I don't think that any app will run if the broker is disabled - not certain though.
    Clearing/recreating the cache might be an interim solution - it isn't clear if that works long term (i.e. has to be repeated on occasion)

    You're running a relatively minimal startup - that's good, but you neglected to say if you uninstalled other Modern apps or turned off live tiles - I think that would help too.

    There's obviously some initial status that seems to be related to the Modern side doing 'routine' maintenance. John might be able to narrow that down with the reports you posted.

    I suggested turning off all syncing - it's a minor price to pay to have to click to sync vs. always-on sync, especially on a machine that meets the minimal operating requirements.

    I think I also asked about local vs. MS account login - if not, I suggest using a local account and logging in to the MS account on an App-by-App basis (text near the [next][cancel] buttons when you launch a Modern App that 'requires' a MS Account (Store and Mail are the only two I use with a MS account).

    There were two other references I found re: high CPU, but I forgot to bookmark them. The gist of the problems referenced Anti-Virus, Firewall, and Framework (all I can recall was a suggestion to exclude the Apps from AV scanning (Avast was the most prevalent, but MSE was also referenced), verifying the firewall rules). I wish I could remember the references to the App Framework - that also seemed like a good thing to test. I'll try searching again and post anything I find again on those subjects.

    Enjoy the next two months (I'm a bit envious )

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    Finally got Sleep/Hibernate to time out on both Acer's. The Energy report showed srvnet was problematic so powercfg -requestsoverride DRIVER srvnet System blocked it from interfering even though it hadn't been listed as able to do this.

    I agree sync'ing probably plays a big role in the heavy Communications CPU load when "idle" but one roomate keeps his personal and business User folders sync'd via Skydrive across all devices. They both have local Accounts. I did kill HomeGroup and separately Media Sharing which also showed up in Energy Report.

    I uninstalled Mail and it's dependencies, and am considering the other apps. I'm trying to find the two store tasks to kill to do the regedit you gave earlier to kill Store.
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    The perfmon report shows 93 errors. It also shows performance problems in all aspects of the system (CPU, Gaming Graphics, Graphics, Disk, and Memory)

    In comparison, perfmon for my VM shows 6 errors - 3 of which are printer related (the others are audio, volume shadow copy, and a Virtual Box driver of some sort) The only 2 that show up in Device Manager are the Audio and the Base System Device (the Virtual Box driver). The Virtual Box device may be a floppy disk drive controller, as WER detects a number of problems trying to detect/check that device (which isn't installed).
    How does your Device Manager look?

    IMO it's most likely that the system just isn't compatible w/Win10.
    Could just be the chipset drivers, but with this number of errors I'd think that that was unlikely
    Could also be the BIOS.
    But I haven't had much luck with nForce controllers in Win8 or 8.1 - so I don't expect that to change much in Win10
    nVidia hasn't released a new version since 2011 and they only support Win7 and below

    To temporize, you may want to run Win10 in a VM for them and see if there's any improvements in the Consumer preview when it's released later this month.
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    I wonder if the high CPU might come down to the old abandoned nForce? All those chip drivers are old while the GeForce is 2013 giving sharp resolution.

    Thanks John. I talked with my roommate about this last night, recounting the weeklong epic struggle to get TP functioning decently on these 3 old machines.

    His reply pretty much sums up where I am on this: It runs as well as Win7 beta when I installed it for him on his even older hardware in 2009, after which he never saw XP again.

    To me it seems a wheezing, patched mess that could crap out at any time. To him it is fast, new and he doesn't want Win7 back.

    But both Cali roommates have their old Win7 in a Dual Boot, backup machines, parts and plenty of images and file backup. So I'm off to Florida and Hawaii for two months, feeling both satisfied and queasy.
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    You've done all that you can - go have a good time and don't worry about them.
    You gave them what they asked for - so any issues are on their heads.
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    Thanks, John. Coming from you that is like the (new) Pope's blessing. I greatly value my friendship with you and how much you have to teach - and I have to learn. They guy who nominated me and kept me grounded in the early days of 7F Jonathan King once told me I must pay close attention to what you write. I remember at Summit Rayda asking with great gravity and import if I wanted to meet John Carrona. Since then its been fun as well as a learning experience. Take good care and I look forward to seeing you at next Summit and here more often!

    There isn't a day since 2009 that I haven't linked at least once up to a dozen times Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure
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    So you're the one who uses it! :0)
    Seriously tho', as of this month it's now the most popular page on my website!

    Thanks Greg - we teach each other, that's why I like the online communities.
    I look forward to seeing you also - and I hope we have many more Summits!

    I'll be hanging out here more often once the Consumer stuff gets previewed.
    I've set my own deadline to switch to 10 shortly after that.
    I'll need the time to study the OS in-depth and start to prepare the changes for my website.
    BTW - the Win10 BSOD forum is dead. There hasn't been a post there in weeks!

    Just FYI - there won't be any Win10 stuff on the website until RTM - as I had problems with some of the Win8/8.1 stuff from the previews being changed (in particular, Driver Verifier had some changes that bit me in the butt!)
    I'm also looking to change the hardware diagnostics pages by putting more emphasis on UEFI bootable diagnostics or substitutes for them.
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