Emachine windows 7 upgraded from 7 to 8 to 8.1 to 10 pro. Had black flicker screen problem with the windows 10 pro previously. And had other issues as well with signing in to my microsoft games on my pc.

So to fix the micrsoft pc games problem I removed everything from my pc and even deleted the previous windows so now there's only windows 10 pro on my pc.

So now I can sign in to my microsft games like bingo and so forth.

So now I'm having a problem with the black flickering screen which I don't know how to fix.
I'm current on my updates.

And here's the problem with the screen.

If I click on the windows icon on the taskbar and then open the "File Explorer" and then click to open a file like a video. And the vlc media player opens it will flicker once or twice. Or if I'm using the firefox browser and watching a video on netflix it will flicker a few times like maybe a dozen or so.

Youtube videos don't flicker and its getting me a bit buggy.

I'm loooking for a few ideas on how to fix it. My screen dose not turn black it just flickers once the players start.

But I didn't have the problem with the previous windows.

Please help me out with this. Thank you.