Hello all,
I recently purchased new a Lenovo Flex 3 1130 (80LY), 2 in 1 laptop. I'm aware it's a entry level machine and it's purpose is primarily just for school. Definitly not going to run my server.....lol.

Everything is as expected with the machine except the CPU usage peaking at 100% every time a browser or new tab is opened. It freezes up the machine and a major pain in the a** until time is allowed for it to "calm down". Even on Pandora, assigning a thumbs up to a tune makes the audio choppy for a couple seconds.

It does this with Chrome, Firefox and Edge equally, (viewable in Task Manager). I've disabled any extra elements within all browsers and nothing unnecessary is running in the background (I always disable any "junk" from running on any of my machines).

I have another Lenovo with a slightly better processor that doesn't struggle at all. When I mean slightly better, I'm implying the difference vs the CPU usage, compared between the two machines, isn't even remotely close.

If this is the "nature of the beast" then it will get returned. Due to the pain in the a** of re-setup, I'd prefer that this one be adjusted, if able.

Any help/advice would be very welcomed.
Thanks so much!!!!!