Windows 10: Diskpart problem Solved

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  1.    09 Dec 2015 #1

    Diskpart problem

    Used reflect to do image backup on another drive and all went well. Both drives have same data,they are exact.If I boot machine with only one drive powered all is good,if I power up the other drive to update a file Diskpart does not see the other drive. Use to do all the time in windows7 to update one or other. The other drive is a backup so I can have instant os if one would crash. In disk management it show both drives but second drive is offline.(The disk is offline because it has a signature collision with another disk that is online). Is there a way around this?
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    You can try to put it back online using Disk Management by right clicking on the area where it says "Off line" then pick "On line" from the menu.

    Apparently both disks have the same disk signature to which Windows objects.

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    Got it ,had to change ID
    2)List Disk
    3)Select Disk X
    4)Uniqueid Disk
    5)Uniqueid Disk ID=X
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    Glad to see you have it sorted.
    I guess Windows would have kept on complaining for as long as the drive's IDs weren't unique anyhow.

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    Well did not go as well as I wanted, can't boot other drive now.I guess I can go back and change the ID but I will be where I started. Maybe I missed something else to do?
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    zplugger said: View Post
    Well did not go as well as I wanted, can't boot other drive now.I guess I can go back and change the ID but I will be where I started. Maybe I missed something else to do?
    You have to change the GUID for the drive in the BCD store.

    From "run as administrator" command prompt:

    bcdboot C:\windows

    use the drive letter of the drive that isn't booting. If you want that drive to boot by itself, then you will have to boot from Windows Install Media (USB/DVD) with the problem drive installed by itself, select the repair option, and attempt to fix the BCD that way.

    If that fails, install Macrium Reflect Free, create a rescue USB/DVD, boot from that, under the restore menu is an option to fix startup errors.

    You can also use EasyBCD to fix the BCD entry with the problem hard drive installed as the second hard drive - just make sure you switch to the BCD store that is on the second hard drive so you are fixing the correct BCD.
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  7.    09 Dec 2015 #7

    Thanks for info NavyLCDR, but I had no luck.Tried the repair startup option on the windows media disk. What I did was a image backup from one drive to other,so they do both have same signature.I can change the signature on one drive and they both show up from the booted drive. This is what I needed to move files between them,problem is the drive I changed the id will not boot.Like you said I need to change the guid on that dive, any other suggestions?
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    Well, did you try Macrium Reflect Free rescue disk, fix startup errors with only the problem drive connected to the computer?

    How exactly does it fail to boot? What is the error?
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  9.    09 Dec 2015 #9

    Lost a little hair over this one,LOL. I did get the boot fixed with the Macrium Rescue Disk,both drive boot good and have different signatures.I guess changing this setting can cause bib problems,lucky I have a lot of smart friends on this forum. Guess I will mark solved because all is well. See I will have this problem every time I do a system image restore to the other drive,least I know how to fix it now. Season Greeting to all at Windows10 forum.

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    Macrium Reflect Free is 100% better than any similar function offered by Microsoft in Windows.
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