I got a Lenovo Flex somewhere around 2/15 it was lightning fast. apps opened just as fast as I could click them and I jumped on the Windows 10 deal just as soon as I could. I loved windows 10 for the first two months but after a bad update that forced my computer into endless reboot loops for hours on end, I decided to go back to factory default settings and start over. The system would crash to blue screen constantly even if I wasn't doing anything. step away from the computer with nothing opened and come back and it had BSOD then tried to reboot and would land me in the BIOS settings menu. I researched online and found that it was most likely my graphics driver that was the cause of all this. but I couldn't get to safe mode to fix it. It eventually got so bad that it wouldn't even see the boot sector and I even tried to install Ubuntu Linux. That failed as well because once again, I couldn't see the boot sector or the hard drive which lead me to believe that it might be a hardware malfunction.
I was getting ready to ship it back on warranty when a friend told me to shutdown my machine and reboot while holding the 0 (zero) key. I did that and lo I got to my login screen where I promptly jumped over the safemode, uninstalled the graphics driver and rebooted my machine. It booted back up and acted normal except now, even though it would still boot up pretty quick, the rest of the computer is painfully slow.
I wondered if it might be a bad systems setting or something so I was trying all sorts of reg cleaners and whatnot. CCleaner, ADW but they weren't finding anything. The other day my system BSOD again (while I was AFK) and when I got back about 10 minutes later, it was to the BIOS settings again. I refreshed my machine and it was still slow so I reset it to factory default and back to Windows 8.1 to no avail on how sluggish it acts.
I'm certain there is something that I am missing but haven't found it yet. If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be awesome.