Hello, I am asking about a relatives laptop, that was running Windows 10. His HDD was getting bad, and we managed to backup his user account files to a couple of DVD's using the standard backup program. However, we could not get a full system image, as there were too many hard errors, and a chkdsk could not fix it. He sent it out to a repair shop, but the guys there got a bit lazy, and although they put in a new larger HDD and a fresh copy of WIN10, they did not even set up an account for him with a password! He logs in as "user", so I guess they just used some default!

My question is: If I attempt to use the user files backup, should I create the account first, THEN restore all the user file hierarchy backed up successfully prior to the repair, or is WIN10 backup clever enough to bring back all of the user security/credential/MIB records as part of the restore process? Our main interest is the Outlook PST email files (to see the old emails and archive again), but it would also be very useful for him to get the same C:/users/<name>/library folders as he had before. Thanks, TD