Hi, folks.
Everytime I press the rest button in my case and Windows (is supposed to) load, after Windows 10 icon, it gets black. Once it got black for a looong time and I had nothing more to do than reset settings. So, I lost all my applications register (I'm having to reinstall them these days).
Now the problem is almost the same, but when I press the reset button (didn't try yet the button from Start Menu).
So, as I said, after a long time black screen, it finally starts up, still slow, and disk usage gets around 100% for some minutes (5 minutes, more or less).
So, that's not my first problem with Windows 10. I've had lots and lots of others (programs compatibility, Google Chrome extremelly slow, problems with native programs, etc.). I'd go back to Windows 7 if I could, but I've already deleted files from Windows.old.

So, what should I do to make my installation at least less problematic?

Thank you in advance.