(W10-Errors) Performance / Crashing / Freezing / Boot-Loop [HelpMe]

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    Update: AMD (error) related? It seems that AMD Creative Suite or whatever... (Installer) something like that is responsible for these problems. There was a (Beta) update earlier on, I reinstalled and downloaded the update. So, lets see if everything works out.
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    I am NEVER going to Mark as Solved. Never!
    Why? Because this problem will never be fixed (so it seems)
    As yes, I am going to be going back to Windows 7.
    But for those who were ever so curious in how to fix this problem:
    (Solution: Not possible) ~ I have no idea what causes the problem. No idea what even causes the Crash Loop, Restart Boot Loop, BOD Loop, I have no idea what causes it to just restart itself. Screen goes black, shuts off, comes on, reboots, loads up Windows 10 startup. I honestly have waited (20 Tries) in order to get it working again. Then to find it restart after trying to watch a video or open a new tab. It just does it randomly, and nothing seems to be linked to this problem. I've tried ALMOST everything to get this stupid issue to be smoothed out. IDGAF anymore... back to Windows 7 forever!
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    A bit late on this post but I had the same problem running Windows 10 which went into a continous reboot loop. It actually wipe out one of my two UEFI BIOS on my MSI X99A SLI PLUS board which I managed to fix using the update method in the manual. I then ran my Linuxmint 17.3 on the same system board for many hours testing so I know now it NOT a main board hardware problem.

    But the booting loop problem is actually cause by Windows 10 with no controls on the auto updates. But here is a procedure by one user were using regedit he was able to disable the feature then Windows 10 ran well. Here is the link for further reading for reference.

    New Windows 10 Problem: Forced Automatic Update Causing Endless Crash Loops, Here’s How To Fix The Issue : TECH : Tech Times

    And the edit he suggested...

    First, type "regedit" in the Start menu. Then, In the window that opens go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList . Next you should backup your registry key just in case. Highlight ProfileList , click File and Export , picking any backup name you wish. Then scan through the ProfileList IDs and delete any including "ProfileImagePath". Now you can close regedit and reboot your system, and the patch should install properly.

    This issue highlights one of the most criticized and controversial aspects of Windows 10, which is forced automatic security updates. Microsoft has eliminated the user option of either choosing not to install or delay these updates, much to the chagrin of users who are already experiencing problems like the endless loop crash as a result.

    Hope this edit might help! Microsoft needs to gets it's act together.

    Youtubes which work for me.

    Windows 10 How To Stop It Spying On You & Logging Your Activity | Step By Step Guide

    Windows 10 How To Stop It Spying On You Logging Your Activity | Step By Step Guide - YouTube


    LukeJR said:
    Update: 01/11/2015 ~ Start Maintenance (Crash / Auto-Restart Bug)
    Just thought I'd update you all on something else that I should mention:
    When I go into 'Security & Maintenance.' I set the time for automatic Maintenance. But when I click 'Start Maintenance' - It won't even work. It just gives me BSOD, and then restarts my PC. Wow, I have no idea WTF is going on with this lately...

    Okay, first of all...I usually can take this. A few slight errors causing a slight problem with the OS. But this is not one of those errors. This is a problem that just keeps on making more problems arise from what should be functional.

    Error: Keeps on crashing when Opera / Google Chrome is running. It takes time but some reason it happens . . .

    I load up Windows 10, start-up my computer like usual. But here is something that might be important:
    I checked Security & Maintenance- Monitor Reports:

    Windows failed to start because of a problem with the system files.
    This operating system version is not supported by Start-up Repair.

    Does anyone know why this keeps happening? I've tried re-installing my AMD drivers, and that don't seem to fix it. I mean if I Shut-Down my computer for the night, and then return in the morning (Start-up) computer and Windows 10 loads fine. Until I login to the Desktop, and it takes a few minutes- then crashing the computer. Like it just freezes with the cursor in place, and the keyboard no longer can be used at this time. Nothing can be done, it just requires me to restart the computer manually with a push of a button 3 second hold-down.

    So, why is this occuring? And if anyone else is having this problem with Windows 10! I'm leaving... seriously, I'm going back to Windows 7 if this garbage continues. I'm sick of seeing this problem every day, and I'm sick of it continuing. Even when I have a fresh-installed Windows 10~ it still has a similar problem. Where it just chooses to freeze or crash or whatever.

    Either way... these doesn't seem to be anyone who knows about this (Well, not really) but anyone who knows how to fix it. I haven't found any solution, and believe me. I've tried looking every day for a solution, and nothing! I've tried many of my own solutions, and nothing...

    Please Help!

    This Is Getting Absolutely Ridiculous . . .
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