Hello guys,
I have some problems with this operating system. Everything works well but after a while it gets slow.
Here's how it goes: If I turn on my laptop and let the Windows load 100% everything works smooth without any problems. Explorer opens instantly with every items loaded, Edge, right-click menu etc. (you get it), 100-200 FPS in League of Legends.
But, after a while everything becomes slow and laggy. If I play League the FPS drops to 40-60 FPS. Explorer loads items in 2-3 seconds, right click menu starts after a long time or it doesnt start at all making the explorer to crash. The screen becomes laggy etc.
Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 doesn't work like this, they don't become slow in time.
Now, I'm sorry that I cannot give more technical info about my system but here's what I can provide:

OS: Windows 10.0.10240 64-bit fresh installed with .iso file from microsoft and activated with geniune product key.
Asus K56CM i7-3517U, GT 635M (latest driver installed), intel HD 4000 (latest), 500 GB HDD.
Software installed:
Chrome, Spotify, Steam, Visual Studio 2015, Skype.
The OS was installed yesterday and it's the 3rd time I'm installing it. Same problem over and over again.