**dont hold me responsible it this renders your system unbootable, if it does, this same site has the information to fix it**

people with intel achi drivers, might want to try without the drivers.

I was some others had the same issue

when booting the system. the spinning circle would show normal.
but then when the display drivers kick in and reset the display. the spinning circle would come back and was corrupted and going from the left side to the right side of the screen.

I fixed it.

but it was random because I wasnt trying to fix it.

I have been having latency issues with storport.sys,
I was trying to fix that, and I uninstalled the achi and told device manager to delete the files. rebooted . and went into safemode just to be sure system would boot. and it did.

so I rebooted and window 10 started booting

got greeted by the normal spinning logo. display reset, lockscreen.

eh what....

system now boots twice as fast. and the above problem was fix as well.

only thing is this is only running microsoft standard achi driver.