Asus Laptop Fans WHIR ON a little too much (I think)  

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    Asus Laptop Fans WHIR ON a little too much (I think)


    I'm a Windows noob. Enjoying 10 very much. However my Asus k501lx-eb71 has two fans -- and they kick in a little too much. I eye task manager and it's not that something is running crazy. The fans simply kick on and off with any taxing behavior whatsoever.

    Boot Firefox with some Facebook and Huff? Fans for 30 seconds. Boot iTunes? Fans for 40 seconds. Control panel activates a system maintenance? Fans. Install software? Fans. Windows Defender? Fans.

    I've contacted Asus support once or twice. Regrettably I think they need more support than I do, but I digress. Anyway does anyone have any idea of how I might adjust fans to ease up a bit -- or is that foolish? If they want to keep things cool, let'em? It's not noisy like something is broken. Just a little too eager (I guess).

    The Bios currently offers no solution. And I'm fairly convinced it's the latest bios. One area of interest is attached as a picture.

    Asus Laptop Fans WHIR ON a little too much (I think)-capture.png
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    Windows 10

    I have the same exact problem as you, fan suddenly turns on and off at random moments when no intensive processes show up on task manager. I have the updated Windows 10 ASUS k501ux. Speedfan doesn't show my fans and NoteBook Fancontrol doesn't work either (probably due to compatibility issues and Windows 10). Help would be appreciated!
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    Help is here. And it's kinda so simple. Go to power options. If you're set to 'balanced' change to 'power saver' mode.

    Dramatically reduces. Tell me if it works for you too.
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    Windows 10

    Wow it actually worked! No sound while watching youtube vids! Haven't tried playing a game yet, does it reduce gaming performance/fps? Any reason why it would work? I used to be on high performance.
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    No CLUE about gaming performance. I'd suspect it's doing something. I'm not a gamer. Just needed the damn thing to STFU.
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    Windows 10 64-bit

    I just bought a K501UX-WH74 and this constant fan issue is driving me nuts. I tried changing the power settings, but that doesn't seem to help. Sometimes the fan stays quiet, but other times it turns on and off repeatedly with no relationship to system performance. I'll have nothing open but a browser window and it will start to spin up over and over.

    A reliable fix would be greatly appreciated. I wrote Asus as well, and wonder if they will have any advice.
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    Windows 10 64-bit

    I may have found a temporary fix, after searching for solutions to fan issues on other Asus models: NoteBook FanControl (Releases · hirschmann/nbfc · GitHub)

    K501UX is not in the config list, but I used Asus Zenbook UX32LN following advice of an Amazon review. I don't know if this has merely disabled the fan, but it has stopped repeatedly spinning at full speed. Would be nice if there was an official fix.
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    windows 10 x64

    I have to thank Cobalt ten thousand times over, nonetheless the nbfc developers.

    As 18 december 2016 there is a profile specific for Asus K501UX on nbfc repository
    It is just required to download the latest compiled release, 1.5.0 at the moment of writing, manually download the Asus file and import it in the program.

    Your CPU fan will start when the CPU temperature raises over 65C, that is perfectly fine, and basically never spins unless you are playing or compiling.

    It's a completely different laptop now ^^
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    Amazing! Thanks so much guys... Works prefectly, I was about to go nuts with 501UX ...
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    windows 10 hoime

    the power setting did nothing for me. I did the nbfc fan control and am sitting here in blessed silence with my cpu sitting at 46C. thanks so much for the post colthreepv. I can now keep this laptop!
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