Upon start up of my PC (Windows 10) it loads up then the screen goes blank, like its in sleep mode, no mouse nothing, if I turn the monitor on and off, the screen appears for a second or two then disappears again.
I tried restarting in safe to check drivers but it does exactly the same thing here. In safe mode however, under monitors Generic PNP Monitor has the Yellow Exclamation mark indicating an issue. I have tried uninstalling this and also my graphics drivers and it seemed to work for the first time. Next day I turned on my PC again and the same thing is happening. I have to constantly turn on and off my monitor so I can navigate to the relevant areas to uninstall drivers etc.
I have tried a Google search but everything I have read has said something about having a mouse pointer on a blank screen but I do not even have that.
I did try a fresh install of Windows 10 but that did not solve the problem, so based on that I'm guessing its a hardware issue, not a software issue.
My graphics are built in, not a separate card which the driver for this is labelled Intel HD(R) Graphics.
Unfortunately I do not have access to another monitor to check to see if the monitor is faulty.

If anyone has any suggestions or advice I would be hugely grateful.