My PC completely freezes when detecting hardware changes (device manager) after about 3-4 seconds.
I've left it for 1h+ to see if anything happens over time, nothing.
Tried it in safe mode, same problem.
Removed geforce drivers, same problem

When frozen, all lights (and my screens) stay on, pressing capslock on KB doesn't turn the capslock light on/off.
The manually initiated crash still works though, that's how I got the memory dumps in the attachment (usually there is no dump at all and the only way to "fix" it is to press the reboot button several times; not sure if the dump is helpful but I thought it couldn't hurt)

I've attached data gathered with the debug tool from the bsod section: debugBeta_CWAGNER_PC_2015_10_09_17_13.zip

Any help is really appreciated.