Trying to figure out why these some weird happenings occur and how to remedy them
(1) Unexpectedly I find all open windows flashing for 5 to 10 seconds! and I cannot use the computer. (Win 10 Pro 32 bit)
(2) After opening Edge and I move the cursor to favourites or some other part of the page, The window shuts down in a flash and I have to start Edge from scratch. Happened too often and unreliable for on line transactions.
(3) Having possibly cross platform version problems transferring files on the home network. Could it be because I have
(a) Win 10 Desktop (b) A Win 8.1 Laptop (c) A Win 10 mini HTPC (4) A Win 7 laptop.
Problems include getting access to folders content for "authorization" reasons. None of the above PC's have or require log in id's and passwords. There is no chance that anyone other than my wife uses the computer ( 2 seniors in a condo!)
Also have hard time transferring files between 2 WDD external HDD's using my laptop. Keeps saying I'm not authorised.

Need help simplifying things