Hi, fairly new W10 install based on W7 upgrade.

Stock drivers for everything.

While playing computer games recently (particularly DOSBOX ones) I experience that the system simply grinds to a halt after a certain time.

Even trying to get a Task Manager/Process Manager running (ctrl-alt-del) then takes ages and nothing will close and I can only reboot the system.

There is no hard disk activity during that time. Memory is always around 2G (50% of 4G in use).

During this "system slowdown" any sound that is still playing in the computer game is then also "fragmented" or "slowmotioned" (the hagging, intermittend sound). Almost as if it is caused by audio.

I have no clue what this could be. Also during these slowdowns usually from what I can see there is no high CPU consumption.

I believe also sometimes after a while it restores itself, ie. some YouTube video playing in a browser will resume playing normally without all the delays and hickups.

Simply crawls to a halt. Do you people have any idea what this might be? And how to diagnose it, if in any case?

Currently I'm having to reset (reboot) this laptop time and time again. I did install a few audio tools / enhancers like "DFX" and another one (that I just removed) but I don't think this is related to those installs (?). I'm seriously... I believe I have no errors like this (the dragging of the computer and the audio) unless I'm playing a DOSBOX game.

And every DOSBOX game has it (those from GOG.com).