Hardware Reserved Memory 5.5GB

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  1.    06 Oct 2015 #31

    Understood ... excellent work by you , I have downloaded a new ISO and burnt to DVD,
    now I have to buy a new separate hard drive to temporarily save my existing folders to. Then i'll be ready for the clean install.

    I appreciate the help, I'm learning things as well as fixing. Cheers
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       06 Oct 2015 #32

    If you add in a new drive first you can also use that space to create and save a full system image back up of the drive to in case you decide later to opt out of 10 entirely for some reason. Once you have the backup image and stored safety on that drive you would then simply power down to unplug the data cable and when ready power up to see 10 go on the OS drive.

    Besides everyone pointing to only one program for that 7 has it's own option for creating a system image backup built into. Here back when 7 was recently new I simply went with a full retail flavor of Acronis True Image 2010 Home edition that still runs and works as well now on 10 as it did on 7 when first bought. So there are other options available. Personally I prefer Acronis not only for reliability as well as flex as far as not worrying any if a folder name sees a change or a drive letter changes when going to restore an image but it compresses thing down much better then what you see with the Windows option as far as smaller size images taking up less drive space.

    Hey it never hurts to learn anything new! I had my moments lately when first trying to figure out why 10 couldn't finish the first upgrade! Finally I reviewed one of the guides here and then found out what was preventing a complete upgrade which turned out to be having the two storage drives plugged. Sure enough the "$Windows~BT" and "$Windows~WS" folders were found on one drive while the 10 installer had placed the boot files on the other! You would think MS would have thrown in at least a few cautionary notes with the confirmation and later notification emails about not having to wait to download 10 about extra drives causing upgrade installation issues! User Beware!
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  3.    30 Jul 2016 #33

    I have a similar problem but i am running Windows 10 and have 32GB RAM installed but according to Windows 10 there is 1.1GB hardware reserved so i have only 30.9GB RAM to play with. I installed Windows 10 on another disc and it shows full 32GB RAM and no Hardware reservation.

    What is going on here?

    EDIT: Ok so know i got it down to 87.5MB when unchecking the box Maximum Memory in MSconfig. What is taking so little?
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  4.    31 Dec 2016 #34

    eLPuSHeR said: View Post
    Check your bios to see if there is some option called "memory hole" "memory remap" or something like that.
    Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe "Memory Remapping" is no longer an option in UEFI ???? If the OP is running a UWFI m/b he most probably won't find it.
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  5.    31 Dec 2016 #35

    DavidE said: View Post
    You're welcome and glad to see you have this issue fixed :)
    Looks like you picked up 4.4 GB of usable RAM with the x64 clean install !
    I disagree, I don't see how the issue is fixed, when you are still missing 1.1GB worth of RAM. Something is still not right here. I would not be too impressed if I was missing about 15% of my RAM.

    I'm just wondering if this is a "Windows 10" related issues, as I've never had that more than a 2 or 3 hundred MB for "hardware reserved" until today, when I installed 16GB (4 x 4GB sticks) of DDR3 - 1600 MHz. and it showed as only 12GB usable. a whole 4GB was hardware reserved.I tried virtually everything I came across but nothing worked.

    I may start of new thread for this and see if there someone has advice or a tip for a common fix for these issues.
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       31 Dec 2016 #36

    Hawks in 17 said: View Post
    I disagree, I don't see how the issue is fixed, when you are still missing 1.1GB worth of RAM.
    Probably memory used by in-processor graphics adapter. Its size can be set in UEFI, or unused adapter can be disabled in Device Manager.
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  7.    02 Jan 2017 #37

    valihrach said: View Post
    Probably memory used by in-processor graphics adapter. Its size can be set in UEFI, or unused adapter can be disabled in Device Manager.
    I ran through my whole UEFI and did not find a setting relating to that. (ASRock 970 Pro3). It's possible I could be missing that particular option. Can you give us some info on what this setting is?
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  8. Account closed as requested
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       03 Jan 2017 #38

    Mihomilo has ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. A88XM-A mobo. According to manual, he can set following options:

    Integrated Graphics [Auto]
    Enables the integrated graphics controller. Configuration options: [Auto] [Force]

    UMA Frame Buffer Size [Auto]
    This item appears only when you set the previous item to [Force]. Configuration op
    [Auto] [32M] [64M] [128M] [256M] [512M] [1G] [2G]

    But it is only my guess, I do not use AMD processors anymore.
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  9.    03 Jan 2017 #39

    ok, thanks, I'll snoop around a bit more, something may resemble something along those lines.
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  10.    03 Jan 2017 #40

    Try booting the computer with one pair of 2 sticks of RAM installed at a time and compare the amount of hardware reserved RAM between the pairs. If it is the same between the pairs of sticks, you know it is software or a setting somewhere. If the amount of hardware reserved RAM changes then you know you have a bad memory stick.
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