Windows 10: Lag spikes / glitches affecting performance

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  1.    09 Oct 2015 #11

    Nevica, I don't play games on here so it's nothing to do with gaming for me.

    Dryden, yours sounds kinda similar to mine, but mine last only a fraction of a second. My CPU is generally never above about 5%-10% unless I'm processing something, and I have a fast HD and lots of fast RAM. From your second post it sounds like we may have completely different problems though?
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  2.    09 Oct 2015 #12

    Mmm, could it be your cache memory filling up. Try clearing it out in windows explorer. But you have already done this already?
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  3.    09 Oct 2015 #13

    The problem happens even after first booting, so it probably isn't the RAM cache, besides I have 16GB of RAM so not really short on any... right now I'm trying to minimise apps that are running so I can try to figure out if it's anything that's running on here. Very slow process lol...
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  4.    09 Oct 2015 #14

    beardo said: View Post
    Dryden, yours sounds kinda similar to mine, but mine last only a fraction of a second. My CPU is generally never above about 5%-10% unless I'm processing something, and I have a fast HD and lots of fast RAM. From your second post it sounds like we may have completely different problems though?
    Probably, I don't know. Someone from said that I am using microsoft compatibility drivers and that Intel hasn't released a proper driver for my chipset for Windows 10.
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  5.    09 Oct 2015 #15

    Wow, if intel have't released any drivers for their chipset for Win10 I would be very surprised. Where did you see this info?
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  6.    09 Oct 2015 #16 support told me by email, but Intel also told me on their forums that this chipset is not supported in Windows 10, even though it seems to work.

    Also, it seems quite impossible that my harddisk trouble (low transfer speeds) could ever be related to a display driver.

    Maybe, then, the entire chipset is not well supported. Could be. It is starting to look like I need to go back to Windows 7 or 8, which I would detest. Windows 7 would not be so bad but I kinda like Windows 10. Windows 8 is okay and horrible at the same time. And Windows 7 has a windows update issue; the ISO I have tried (regular Microsoft ISO) just won't work.

    I must say I have had a malware infestation on this computer this point (I was kinda stupid). I cleared everything out myself but haven't successfully run any malware program yet -- apart from Windows Defender. I can see no remaining processes that are suspicious. It also didn't do anything except install stuff and introduce CHINESE to my computer ;-). But I cannot be sure of course.

    But I rather doubt it could ever have anything to do with it. [[ There are two suspicious connections though to a remote Google address to port 443. and from an "unkown" process. If I fill it in it just links to Google though. ]]

    Then you might think that the HP chipset is not installed/supported but there is a host of HP processes running in this system that were automatically installed by Windows (Update).
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  7.    09 Oct 2015 #17

    I didn't read which chipset you have Dryden?
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  8.    09 Oct 2015 #18

    Well, me neither. I'll get back later ^^.
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  9.    10 Oct 2015 #19

    Chipset is Intel GS45. The weird thing is that I had no trouble whatsoever until perhaps the malware or more clearly when I started playing GOG Dosbox games. I also wasn't really doing large file transfers or anything like that. But it kinda mirrors thet weirdness in Windows 7 so maybe it is a hardware issue. Linux has no trouble with it however. There were two bad clusters on the HDD, fixed now. Still need to check C drive. I believe it is possible to reinstall Windows 10 in place? I don't know what else. I can ask around in the HP owner's lounge for this laptop on
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       10 Oct 2015 #20

    beardo said: View Post
    I've been having a problem for the last week or so, basically I keep getting lag spikes / glitches that affect the performance of my machine. This manifests itself in the most obvious way as what can best be described as occasional "gzzzfchzz" sounds (much like a BSoD sound while playing video, but only for a fraction of a second). I first noticed it on YouTube and thought it may be a browser issue, but I've since experienced it playing literally any video or sound, and less obviously while doing anything whatsoever on my machine (although since they're only for a fraction of a second they're less obvious when doing anything without sound).

    Someone else seems to have had the same problem as me:
    Occasional micro-stuttering / lag-spikes - Windows 10 Forums
    Although they don't say exactly how they fixed it...

    I've had Windows 10 installed since the public release day, I have all drivers updated to the latest versions, and I'm running on an Intel i7-4770K (not overclocked) with 32GB of DDR3 RAM and a Samsung 840 EVO SSD so it's a system that really shouldn't be encountering any lag, especially just playing Netflix or an MP3.

    Any help would be appreciated since it's driving me mad.

    Here's a little clip of what happens, the glitch is half way through at 5 seconds:

    Disable updates by changing your network system to one with a metered connection.
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