My machine requires frequent restarts, and it's not just the software that's installed on it, but Windows that's acting up. When I try to open the start menu, it won't open, and Action Center will do the same thing. Going into the Start Menu to restart Explorer, I get a dialog box that says that "Start Menu and Cortana have stopped working" and wants me to sign out and back in again. So I do that.

The same thing keeps popping back up, over and over, and unfortunately, it seems as though a stalled Windows service within svchost.exe (can't determine which one) is causing everything to become stuck all at once. This process has BrokenInfrastructure, DcomLaunch, LSM, PlugPlay, Power, and SystemEventsBroker in one. Closing this process results in a BSOD.

Every other time I restart Explorer and it got stuck, it shows up in the "analyze wait chain" list.

That's not all the reason it requires frequent restarts: Sometimes I have to shutdown a misbehaving app (e.g. STEAM and the case of the AWOL in-game overlay.) Until Steam is closed, then I can't start a new process. But how can I close Steam if it keeps telling me I can't close it and its GameOverlayUI component because of access denied?!

So yeah, a couple of rants. I'm not sure if this has affected my Laptop, but as of the moment, I can't get Wikipedia to re-download on both of them!