Windows 10: Task Scheduler and media center

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  1.    05 Oct 2015 #11

    Hi Tim/Tekel,

    I copied and pasted your command from your reply above and was running it as administrator. In regards to the mcupdate* stuff I did a system restore point, exported the 2 keys and deleted them and rebooted. Still happened. And I am waiting till tomorrow to see if the avast emergency update is the culprit at this point (task scheduler -> disabled it and rebooted - still disabled). After that Not sure what I will be looking at next.

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  2.    06 Oct 2015 #12

    This is a long shot, but, check your bios. I have my computer automatically come on early morning to run backups and maintenance through my bios.
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  3.    06 Oct 2015 #13


    If you read through the thread my system is up 24x7 so it isn't a BIOS issue. It is something, a service or something, that is turning on my monitor around 3am daily....and I have gone over Avast, Malwarebytes, registry stuff (mcupdate and mcupdate_scheduled - removed) amongst other things. I'm still troubleshooting it, just have to wait till next day after a change to see if it's resolved lol.

    Thanks for the thought though!

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  4.    16 Oct 2015 #14

    I ran it as admin as I always do for anything that needs that required level of permission. I still get error message running that in Powershell.

    I have disabled power diagnostic event and changed system time to tomorrow morning 2:35am and turned monitor off, 30 mins later it is back on. I re-enabled it (since not problem child) and looked at UpdateOrchestrator but that was already disabled so re-enabled it as well. Something is running around 3am daily and under Maintenance I have it set to 8:00am and checkbox to wake system is unchecked. This is really bugging me as I don't need monitor turning on for anything other than me pressing the power button. I will reset monitor to defaults as well but it never *ever* did this in windows 7, only been doing it ever since I updated to Windows 10 via the GWX icon way back in July.

    When I run powercfg -lastwake shows 0, when I look for waketimers it shows None. So those all appear to be disabled and not the culprit. I am surprised not a lot of people are having this issue (it appears there are several but some look to be resolved with power management settings and i've been all through that and device manager to disable anything for wake timers to my knowledge (nic, mice, keyboard, etc).

    Anyone have a command to run to show scheduled tasks with times? I haven't been able to track this down still.


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  5.    16 Oct 2015 #15

    msoucy said: View Post
    Anyone have a command to run to show scheduled tasks with times?
    Here you go, sorted by last run time..

    Get-ScheduledTask | Get-ScheduledTaskInfo | Sort-Object LastRunTime, TaskName | ft TaskName,LastRunTime -auto

    PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-ScheduledTask | Get-ScheduledTaskInfo | Sort-Object  Lastruntime, taskname | ft TaskName,LastRunTime -auto
    TaskName                                                         LastRunTime
    --------                                                         -----------
    AD RMS Rights Policy Template Management (Automated)             29/11/1999 23:00:00
    AD RMS Rights Policy Template Management (Manual)                29/11/1999 23:00:00
    AikCertEnrollTask                                                29/11/1999 23:00:00
    Automatic-Device-Join                                            29/11/1999 23:00:00
    Background Synchronization                                       29/11/1999 23:00:00
    BfeOnServiceStartTypeChange                                      29/11/1999 23:00:00
    CreateObjectTask                                                 29/11/1999 23:00:00
    Data Integrity Scan                                              29/11/1999 23:00:00
    Data Integrity Scan for Crash Recovery                           29/11/1999 23:00:00
    Device Install Group Policy                                      29/11/1999 23:00:00
    Device Install Reboot Required                                   29/11/1999 23:00:00
    EDP Policy Manager                                               29/11/1999 23:00:00
    FamilySafetyMonitor                                              29/11/1999 23:00:00
    FamilySafetyRefresh                                              29/11/1999 23:00:00
    ForceSynchronizeTime                                             29/11/1999 23:00:00
    GatherNetworkInfo                                                29/11/1999 23:00:00
    HiveUploadTask                                                   29/11/1999 23:00:00
    HybridDriveCachePrepopulate                                      29/11/1999 23:00:00
    HybridDriveCacheRebalance                                        29/11/1999 23:00:00
    Interactive                                                      29/11/1999 23:00:00
    KeyPreGenTask                                                    29/11/1999 23:00:00
    License Validation                                               29/11/1999 23:00:00
    License Validation                                               29/11/1999 23:00:00
    Logon Synchronization                                            29/11/1999 23:00:00
    MapsToastTask                                                    29/11/1999 23:00:00
    MapsUpdateTask                                                   29/11/1999 23:00:00
    Microsoft-Windows-DiskDiagnosticResolver                         29/11/1999 23:00:00
    MNO Metadata Parser                                              29/11/1999 23:00:00
    MobilityManager                                                  29/11/1999 23:00:00
    MRT_HB                                                           29/11/1999 23:00:00
    Plug and Play Cleanup                                            29/11/1999 23:00:00
    Policy Install                                                   29/11/1999 23:00:00
    PolicyConverter                                                  29/11/1999 23:00:00
    Property Definition Sync                                         29/11/1999 23:00:00
    RemoteAssistanceTask                                             29/11/1999 23:00:00
    Resume On Boot                                                   29/11/1999 23:00:00
    Secure-Boot-Update                                               29/11/1999 23:00:00
    sihboot                                                          29/11/1999 23:00:00
    SpaceAgentTask                                                   29/11/1999 23:00:00
    Sqm-Tasks                                                        29/11/1999 23:00:00
    SvcRestartTask                                                   29/11/1999 23:00:00
    SvcRestartTask                                                   29/11/1999 23:00:00
    Tpm-HASCertRetr                                                  29/11/1999 23:00:00
    UninstallDeviceTask                                              29/11/1999 23:00:00
    UpdateLibrary                                                    29/11/1999 23:00:00
    UPnPHostConfig                                                   29/11/1999 23:00:00
    User_Feed_Synchronization-{1E6264A8-68B2-4B68-85F5-06D8FCEB12DB} 29/11/1999 23:00:00
    USO_UxBroker_ReadyToReboot                                       29/11/1999 23:00:00
    VerifiedPublisherCertStoreCheck                                  29/11/1999 23:00:00
    WIM-Hash-Management                                              29/11/1999 23:00:00
    WindowsActionDialog                                              29/11/1999 23:00:00
    WSTask                                                           29/11/1999 23:00:00
    Calibration Loader                                               10/7/2015 14:21:21
    SvcRestartTaskLogon                                              10/7/2015 14:21:21
    Sysprep Generalize Drivers                                       10/7/2015 14:22:22
    {A28EB60D-3F22-496E-BE4E-2638996F4E3C}                           22/9/2015 00:59:59
    {2F067B7E-292B-4DC8-9C36-1AEF96720BBC}                           22/9/2015 01:01:01
    SvcRestartTaskNetwork                                            23/9/2015 17:13:13
    Pre-staged app cleanup                                           24/9/2015 23:55:55
    WsSwapAssessmentTask                                             26/9/2015 22:52:52
    User_Feed_Synchronization-{59BED290-751E-4DBE-BABE-8C0B1756A31A} 28/9/2015 21:17:17
    User_Feed_Synchronization-{0A8A2721-6340-42A2-A628-5D2CB9015993} 29/9/2015 10:01:01
    Uninstallation                                                   2/10/2015 19:25:25
    Maintenance Install                                              5/10/2015 11:06:06
    Metadata Refresh                                                 7/10/2015 14:25:25
    Microsoft-Windows-DiskDiagnosticDataCollector                    7/10/2015 17:45:45
    VerifyWinRE                                                      7/10/2015 17:45:45
    AutomaticBackup                                                  11/10/2015 19:00:00
    ResPriStaticDbSync                                               12/10/2015 21:07:07
    KernelCeipTask                                                   12/10/2015 23:15:15
    AppleSoftwareUpdate                                              13/10/2015 08:42:42
    CleanupTemporaryState                                            13/10/2015 19:30:30
    Scheduled                                                        13/10/2015 19:30:30
    Reboot                                                           14/10/2015 09:44:44
    .NET Framework NGEN v4.0.30319 64 Critical                       14/10/2015 10:57:57
    .NET Framework NGEN v4.0.30319 Critical                          14/10/2015 10:57:57
    RegIdleBackup                                                    14/10/2015 14:24:24
    UsbCeip                                                          14/10/2015 14:24:24
    SynchronizeTimeZone                                              14/10/2015 14:59:59
    CreateObjectTask                                                 14/10/2015 15:23:23
    StartComponentCleanup                                            14/10/2015 16:19:19
    ResolutionHost                                                   14/10/2015 17:38:38
    SR                                                               14/10/2015 19:53:53
    BindingWorkItemQueueHandler                                      15/10/2015 01:41:41
    CacheTask                                                        15/10/2015 01:41:41
    DPI Fix                                                          15/10/2015 01:41:41
    MsCtfMonitor                                                     15/10/2015 01:41:41
    SystemSoundsService                                              15/10/2015 01:41:41
    Tpm-Maintenance                                                  15/10/2015 01:41:41
    Work Folders Logon Synchronization                               15/10/2015 01:46:46
    Proxy                                                            15/10/2015 03:01:01
    Extractor Definitions Update Task                                15/10/2015 09:00:00
    SmartScreenSpecific                                              15/10/2015 10:52:52
    Diagnostics                                                      15/10/2015 18:37:37
    File History (maintenance mode)                                  15/10/2015 18:37:37
    ScheduledDefrag                                                  15/10/2015 18:37:37
    StartupAppTask                                                   15/10/2015 18:37:37
    LPRemove                                                         15/10/2015 18:48:48
    WinSAT                                                           15/10/2015 18:48:48
    Schedule Scan                                                    16/10/2015 00:14:14
    Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser                                16/10/2015 03:10:10
    USO_UxBroker_Display                                             16/10/2015 10:53:53
    sih                                                              16/10/2015 12:28:28
    QueueReporting                                                   16/10/2015 15:03:03
    UserTask-Roam                                                    16/10/2015 15:03:03
    NetworkStateChangeTask                                           16/10/2015 15:09:09
    .NET Framework NGEN v4.0.30319                                   16/10/2015 15:12:12
    .NET Framework NGEN v4.0.30319 64                                16/10/2015 15:12:12
    DmClient                                                         16/10/2015 15:12:12
    DsSvcCleanup                                                     16/10/2015 15:12:12
    IndexerAutomaticMaintenance                                      16/10/2015 15:12:12
    ProactiveScan                                                    16/10/2015 15:12:12
    ProgramDataUpdater                                               16/10/2015 15:12:12
    SynchronizeTime                                                  16/10/2015 15:12:12
    WIM-Hash-Validation                                              16/10/2015 15:12:12
    Windows Defender Cache Maintenance                               16/10/2015 15:12:12
    Windows Defender Cleanup                                         16/10/2015 15:12:12
    Windows Defender Scheduled Scan                                  16/10/2015 15:12:12
    Windows Defender Verification                                    16/10/2015 15:12:12
    Work Folders Maintenance Work                                    16/10/2015 15:12:12
    AnalyzeSystem                                                    16/10/2015 15:15:15
    Installation                                                     16/10/2015 16:22:22
    ProcessMemoryDiagnosticEvents                                    16/10/2015 16:22:22
    RunFullMemoryDiagnostic                                          16/10/2015 16:22:22
    SilentCleanup                                                    16/10/2015 16:22:22
    Scheduled Start                                                  16/10/2015 17:36:36
    SystemTask                                                       16/10/2015 17:41:41
    UserTask                                                         16/10/2015 17:41:41
    Automatic App Update                                             16/10/2015 17:54:54
    Consolidator                                                     16/10/2015 18:00:00
    WiFiTask                                                         16/10/2015 18:55:55
    Uploader                                                         16/10/2015 18:58:58
    User_Feed_Synchronization-{1BB2BD17-4C20-41B5-BBF6-227D7CAE8F88} 16/10/2015 19:40:40
    Windows Backup Monitor                                           16/10/2015 20:16:16
    BackgroundUploadTask                                             16/10/2015 20:49:49
    Notifications                                                    16/10/2015 21:43:43
    PS C:\WINDOWS\system32>
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  6.    16 Oct 2015 #16

    Ran powershell as administrator and this is the result I get running what you posted. There seems to be something amiss somewhere which is causing this error message as I tried running a different command from earlier in this thread and got similar results. I am not a powershell guru so haven't looked into debugging the error message(s) yet.

    Get-ScheduledTask : The system cannot find the file specified.
    At line:1 char:1
    + Get-ScheduledTask | Get-ScheduledTaskInfo | Sort-Object LastRunTime, ...
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : ObjectNotFound: (MSFT_ScheduledTask:Root/Microsoft/...T_ScheduledTask) [Get-ScheduledTas
    k], CimException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : HRESULT 0x80070002,Get-ScheduledTask
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  7.    16 Oct 2015 #17

    Can you post a picture like this please just to check how you are running it...

    Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Ten Forums - Windows 10 Forums

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Capture.PNG 
Views:	2 
Size:	135.0 KB 
ID:	43076
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  8.    16 Oct 2015 #18

    Posted attachment. Haven't done image insertion to a forum in a while...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails pwrshell_admin_get_cmd.jpg  
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  9.    16 Oct 2015 #19

    That was after running powershell with admin privs and pasting the command into it and running it and above are the results. It could be tied to permissions for powershell. I tried to change it from Restricted to something else but wouldn't let me. Something about a registry key or something. And again was while running it as admin.

    Awww man, don't tell me the commands in PowerShell are sensitive to capitalization on words? I just ran it with upper/lowercase for Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned and it returned with no error/complaint....
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  10.    16 Oct 2015 #20

    msoucy said: View Post
    That was after running powershell with admin privs and pasting the command into it and running it and above are the results. It could be tied to permissions for powershell. I tried to change it from Restricted to something else but wouldn't let me. Something about a registry key or something. And again was while running it as admin.

    Awww man, don't tell me the commands in PowerShell are sensitive to capitalization on words? I just ran it with upper/lowercase for Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned and it returned with no error/complaint....
    That is not running powershell as Admin - you need to right click and run as administrator. It would then say "Administrator : Windows Powershell" at the top and start in C:\Windows\System32 like this:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Capture.PNG 
Views:	0 
Size:	52.7 KB 
ID:	43082

    Case doesn't matter. Try running as Administrator (although this command should work as normal user) and also try Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted (but as far as I know that only affects running scripts - not commands.)

    If that doesn't work you may want to open a new thread called "No PowerShell cmdlets recognized" or something like that with the script and a picture of the results. Powershell experts (I'm not one) may not come accross this thread. You want to get it fixed even if it is nothing to do with your original problem I think.
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