Hello everyone,

So I upgraded from Windows 7 Home Edition SP1 to Windows 10 today. Unfortunately, since then I have had several issues with frequent crashes that have forced me to do a forced reboot of Windows 10. My frequent, I mean sometimes up to 5 per hour when configuring settings and using Microsoft-built applications. It also frequently crashes while watching video on chrome and just idling. I've also updated to the latest nvidia graphics drivers.

During these crashes, oftentimes the system brings out a window that has a toolbar titled, "Microsoft Windows" with the message "This application is not responding...." When this happens, nothing typically works except moving the mouse on the screen. Ctrl+Alt+Del results in a completely black screen with only the white mouse cursor visible (though unfrozen).

Other times, the windows toolbar at the bottom with the start menu will be unclickable and other system applications will be completely frozen, while applications such as chrome retain full functionality for some time afterwards. However, sometimes during these crashes, chrome will be unable to refresh pages as if it were no longer connected to the internet.

For all of these crashes, I've been forced to press and long hold the power button on my laptop in order to force a shutdown. After rebooting, the computer operates as normal until the next freeze is triggered.

Some more miscellaneous info that may/may not be relevant: I have a 2012 HP dv6tqe-7000 with i7=3610qm, gt650m, 8gb 1600MHz ram, HM77 chipset, logitech G602 mouse, and samsung earbuds typically.

so my question is, what could be causing the issue, and how can I fix it? Thanks everyone!